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Hitmarks that were not in the game at first, but later were "added".

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If I'm not mistaken in early WW3 there were no hitmarks when shooting infantry with handheld weapons. And sometimes u were using 2-3 more bullets than it's needed to kill enemy.

It was kinda fresh and interesting experience. But few days later the X-hit marks were in game.

So, was it a bug or it was decided to add hitmarks? If the latter, then why? It was too "hardcore"? Or there was whine about not being able to decide is hitreg working properly or not?

This question was bugging me for quite a long time.

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I can't really remember, but I was under the impression that those were in the game since the start - but you can disable them. We've added those because we have 6 possible types of target you can hit and we wanted you to know what you're shooting (helmets, armor plates etc).

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