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Update 0.8.2 Patch Notes

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Hello again! This week, we've got some much needed fixes, mainly for the missing packs. Let us know if indeed, everything is ok. There's a lot of other smaller, but also important fixes and it should improve the game overall. Thanks to everyone that helped test the update on the PTE. We strongly suggest installing the PTE, as there is potential for 60 player battles if we get enough of you. Remember, it can only happen on the PTE.

Update 0.8.2 Patch Notes


  • Asynchronous loading of replicated objects is now working properly (stuttering from loading other players should be reduced),


  • Fix for disappearing packs, and potentially for a lot of other replication issues,
  • Fixed HUDs changing during Kill Screen,
  • Fixed camera cliping while leaning against corner,
  • Partially fixed auto exposure in thermal scopes,
  • Fixed punishing after suicide,
  • Possible bugfix for invisble players,
  • Fixed laser not turning off properly,
  • Fixed pausing Reliable methods when replication is paused,
  • Disabled the ability to fire when interacting with objects using [Default: F],
  • Breakthrough: Fixed a bug with not ending retreat when retreat time ends,
  • Breakthrough: Fixed C2 spawn trap on Smolensk,
  • Fixed detonation timer sometimes not showing up properly on Breakthrough,
  • Fixed the map showing up on top of settings,
  • Fixed wrong vehicle spawned on Warsaw Warzone,


  • Small improvements in the team manager code,
  • Breakthrough game code and replication improvements,
  • Clamped sharpen to 0-1 range instead of 0-3,
  • Added bCanAttachSemtexAndClaymore flag to mark vehicles to which semtex and claymore should not attach,
  • Reduced explosion camera shake for tank shells,
  • Breakthrough: Match timer will now pause during retreat,
  • Fixed other player stutters when coming into player view,
  • Gepard radars are no longer destructible,
  • Gepard Shells + spread improvement,
  • Improved vehicle LMG tracer visuals,
  • Fixed major D3D12 issues (DX12 is still not supported fully and will degrade performance, but some of you insist on running WW3 in DX12 and crashing),
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