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[HUD] gadget icons redesign

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I`d suggest to redesign new HUD icons from scratch =\ They are completely unrecognizable. On the screenshotes you can barely recognize what gadget is it. And it becomes worse while moving



If we look closer to them, we can notice that only ~20-25% of icon square bring a sense.


Only few pixels in the center, while rest 75% are the same for all 3 icons

image.png.ad4c9bc01d40fc0ffa043b9558811ee9.png image.png.305137a578f97ddb2baf46987bdf16a0.pngimage.png.dab1f11bfb4d47140e1bc12675890798.png

Yeah yeah, you can say "just scale them in settings" but it doesnt help much as long as if you multiply 20 pixels by 2 times, it still will be too small.

I suggest to make them as simple as possible where the gadget icon will occupy ~90% of the icons square. Also maybe add different background for each of them to make them clearly recognizible by its "foreground-background template". Like this (paint master is here, but these icons are only to illustrate what i mean):




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4 минуты назад, Ragir сказал:

I made the previous ones, so I agree 100% :D

Still, u didn't vote up this suggestion.😉

And here comes the question:

Is it prohibited for devs to vote for idea they like? And if there is idea that someone from devteam finds interesting can he bring it to discussion on some meeting without waiting for it to get enough upvotes?

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I don't see a problem with us voting, I just forgot :P

That said, we're changing them right now, so the point is kinda moot anyway, so APPROVED!

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