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[Smolensk][Breakthrough] Smolensk Breakthrough Map rework Suggestions


Hey Folks

So I was a little torn on how to approach this map and that is mainly because of how the general layout of the map is, trying to work with what is there without needing to make large changes (IE: adding buildings, making whole new bases, Points of Interest, and etc etc), and trying to keep some form of a sensible flow to the map. Now this particular suggestion is Version 1 and would ideally require the least amount of work of the two ideas I have in mind. I may do Version 2 next, I might just do Moscow then Warsaw next since they're all I have left after this post. Not sure what I will do, but I will do something for sure lol.

Special thanks to Ragir for providing clean versions of the current in game maps which saved me a lot of edit time. Granted I ended up making the process longer for myself in the end, but that was because of me being...Well, me, and not because of any sort of issue with the maps. if you would like to have these maps for your own suggestion posts, the link down below will direct you to the zip file with them inside.


Please note: I cannot promise this will improve the gameplay/general Breakthrough experience on Smolensk. Without the ability to test these changes myself, it's pure speculation. All suggestions are perfectly welcomed, all I would ever ask for though is criticisms be constructive, not destructive. In the end these are just suggestions, what the developers choose to do or don't do with them is ultimately their choice.

If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Smolensk Breakthrough Map Rework.


Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive"


Main Goals of this rework.

  1. Utilize as much of the map as possible.
  2. Find places where Area Spawns can be placed for both Teams that require little to no large scale changes to the map.
  3. Make sure the Area Spawns are 100% or near 100% safe to spawn into with little to no changes to the map required.
  4. Find places where a variety of Objective Types and Targets can be placed that feels fitting to the map.
  5. Give faction friendly Vehicles to the respective teams.
  6. Create a light story to go with the Map, Objective Types, and Targets.


Starter Vehicles for the Teams.

(West - Attacking Team starter Vehicles)

  • VAB Command Vehicle
  • Wolverine IFV

(East - Defending Team starter Vehicles)

  • Typhoon Command Vehicle
  • Bumerang IFV


Smolensk Breakthrough Story

(West - Attacking Team)

As the main Western Army pushes their way into Russia, a large Airborne Operation was sent ahead to secure strategic locations around the city of Smolensk to interrupt any defensive plans Eastern Command had put into place. Initial scans of the region showed Smolensk was free of any Anti-Air Defense Systems in the area, but this was a ploy by the East in hopes of creating a seemingly defenseless, strategic target of interest to the East. Once Airborne Forces entered Smolensk, the hidden Anti-Air Systems came online, and began inflicting severe damage to the Airborne Operation. What Forces did manage to reach their staging objective points however, are now forced to attempt to fulfill their mission with less support than they had originally been promised.

(East - Defending Team)

With the West making their push into Russia, Eastern Command put into motion a series of strategic defensive plans to try to counteract the efforts by the West. In particular, a seemingly defenseless city of Smolensk. Knowing the West would likely start their initial reconnaissance efforts with either UAVs or Special Recon Forces, Eastern Command ordered the local Commander overseeing efforts in Smolensk to store away his Anti-Air assets till they would be needed. Once Eastern UAV scans detected a large scale Airborne force flying towards the city of Smolensk, Eastern Command had alerted the local Commander, and Anti-Air Defenses were quickly brought on line to counter the Western Air Assault. Initial Defensive reports have shown favorable results so far.


Smolensk redesign Concept Map and Markers.


Using my previous rework suggestion as a guide, I've developed this rework suggestion for Smolensk's Breakthrough map using most of the same ideas from my Polyarny & Berlin reworks with some different spins. One thing I'd like to see is the Attacking Team moved to a different side of the map once again. However, this time preferably to a brand new Deployment zone exclusive to Smolensk's Breakthrough. From this zone the Attacking team will then attempt to capture the Alpha Sector, Bravo Sector, Charlie Sector, Delta Sector, and finally Echo Sector.

Defenders will have a choice to either start in Alpha's Spawn Area located in what would be a out of bounds zone for the Attackers (aka the Red Star) or spawn in their Deployment Zone in the bottom right corner if they wish to bring Vehicles up to the frontline. The markings on the map are as followed-

  • White Star in a Black Circle - Attacking Team Spawn Area.
  • Colored Star in a Black Circle - Defending Team Spawn Area.
  • A1/A2 - F1/F2 - The general location of the Objective Points in the Sector.

(Assuming People didn't read my previous rework suggestions posts) The Spawn Areas above are a suggestion to replace the Objective Spawn System currently in Breakthrough. The Objective Spawning System is (in my personal opinion) extremely unfit for this game mode and is too easily abused against the Defending Team since their spawn zones can be camped to the point that Defenders are almost instantly killed upon spawning in. However, Spawning Areas do come with their own problems and these problems can already be experienced by the Attacking Team on (current) Berlin Breakthrough where they can be pinned into their starter deployment area by the Defending team. So, having experienced life on both sides of the fence, I think I may have found a good balance of Distance & Security for Spawning Areas for both Teams. However, without actually getting to test this, it's pure speculation. But, with a mixture of trial & error and some prop additions or movement, I believe the Spawn Area can work for both teams just fine. Here are a list of screenshots of the areas I suggest for the Area Spawns if they're to be added.

(West - Attacking)

(East - Defending)


Non-Objective based Prop suggestion changes/additions.

Aside from a repair station for the Attacking Team moved up into their deployment zone, I cannot think of anywhere outside of the objective areas that need any additional props or props being moved around to improve gameplay.


Alpha Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories.

Alpha 1

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Area Secure
  • Objective Target: Radio Station Building
  • Objective: Secure the enemy Radio Station Building
  • How to Secure: Stand in the capture zone
  • Capture Timer: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.)

Alpha 2

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Target Destruction
  • Objective Target: Munition Stockpile
  • Objective: Destroy enemy Munition Stockpile
  • How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Munition Stockpile or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it.
  • Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds
  • Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, just a different target.

Prop suggestion changes/additions: This whole sector in general could use some extra props placed around it to make it feel like the Eastern Forces have been establishing themselves in this area. A lot of room for the design team to stretch their legs a bit in my opinion.

Alpha Sector Story

(West - Attacking)

So much for Military Intelligence providing a clear picture as to what we're going to fly into exactly...Our Forces are scattered around Smolensk and Eastern Anti-Air Defenses have inflicted a heavy toll on our Operation. But, we're on our feet now and it's time to go to work by first securing that Radio Station Building down the hill and seeing what exactly the East has been moving into the gas station. If it looks like it can do further destructive damage to our operation, destroy it!

(East - Defending)

All forces stay on alert while Defensive operations are under way. Eastern Command wants to grind the Western Forces down as they advance into Russia, that means we cannot allow this area of Smolensk to fall, otherwise we risk allowing the West to advance with little to no resistance being put in it's way. For now, protect your Radio Station so we can keep in contact with nearby forces and keep that munition stockpile safe for the time being. It will be crucial to our efforts to grind down the Western Invaders.


Bravo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories.

Bravo 1

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Disarmament
  • Objective Target: 96L6 Radar Truck
  • Objective: Disarm the enemy Radar Truck
  • How to Disarm: An Attacker needs to stand at the enemy's Radar Truck in the Objective area and then upon hitting F they'll begin "disarming" the Radar System. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from disarming.
  • Disarm Timer: 40 Seconds
  • Prop suggestion changes/additions:  Depending on where exactly the Attackers need to go will really determine how much extra cover will be needed. However, if it's more towards the Alpha sector, then I don't think any will be needed really.

Bravo 2

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Secure Area
  • Objective Target: Cargo Containers
  • Objective: Secure the enemy Cargo Containers
  • How to Secure: Stand in the capture zone
  • Capture Timer: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.)

Bravo Sector Story

(West - Attacking Team)

Great work capturing that Radio Station and destroying those munition stockpile. However, we're not out of the woods yet. We need to keep the battle tempo going to our will and the next step in doing that is to secure the local Artillery base. Disarm the Eastern Anti-Air Defenses and secure whatever they have stashed in the cargo containers behind the building. The sooner that base is under our command, the sooner we can begin properly planning to salvage this Operation.

(East - Defending Team)

Those munitions were critical to our plans to further grind the West down and we have lost contact with our northern Forces thanks to your blunder...But, if we lose that Artillery base, we will be in even worse shape, so get your heads & hearts into your duties, and make sure those Westerners don't secure that base. It cannot fall at all costs or we will likely need to start surrendering even more ground to Western Forces after this!


Charlie Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories.

Charlie 1

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Target Destruction
  • Objective Target: Satellite Ground Station
  • Objective: Destroy the enemy Satellite Station
  • How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Radar Station or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it.
  • Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds
  • Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, just a different target.
  • Prop suggestion changes/additions: This area just needs a little more cover like chunks of debris from the crater above the bunker, maybe some sandbag walls, and other small to medium size bits of cover.

Charlie 2

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Intelligence Decryption
  • Objective Target: Command Station
  • Objective: Secure enemy War Data
  • How to Secure: Stand in the capture zone
  • Capture Timer: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.)

Charlie Sector Story

(West - Attacking Team)

With Eastern Air Defenses down in this part of the city, we have made a crack in the Eastern Defensive Line, and that means we have our opening to salvage this operation. Your next mission is to secure that Bunker while I get in contact with Western Command to see what assistance they can provide. While you're in there, try to secure what Intel you can on who is in charge of Smolensk's defenses and destroy that Satellite Ground Station they have on top of it. Maybe destroying it will further reduce the effectiveness of their Air-Defenses.

(East - Defending Team)

You People are delivering Smolensk on a platter to the West at this rate! Fallback to the Bunker while I get in contact with the Radio Station and get them on alert to a possible attack. Keep that Satellite Ground Station online and the bunker secure. Without the Ground Station our Air Defenses will weaken and we won't be able to stave off the West for long in the city and that means the frontline will lose a route to move supplies through...or worse, retreat through.


Delta Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories.

Delta 1

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Target Destruction
  • Objective Target: Supply Vehicle
  • Objective: Destroy enemy Supply Vehicle
  • How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Supply Vehicle or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it.
  • Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds
  • Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, just a different target.

Delta 2

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Secure Com-Frequencies
  • Objective Target: Radio Station
  • Objective: Plant a Device to capture enemy Communication Frequencies.
  • How to Secure: Plant a Device on the enemy Radio Station
  • Device Timer: 40 Seconds

Delta Sector Story

(West - Attacking Team)

Great job securing that Intel and bringing down that ground station. Western Command reports that Eastern Air Defenses are weakening, but are still too dangerous to consider further Air Operations in the area just yet. You've done your part here to weaken their Air Defenses, up to our allies to do the rest. However, I want you to move on the Radio Station and capture it from the East. Western Command reported seeing a Vehicle moving supplies into the area and we simply cannot have that happening. So, destroy that Supply Vehicle and capture that Radio Station from the enemy.

(East - Defending Team)

Fallback to the Radio Station! I need you to hold out till I can secure reinforcements to assist you against the Western Attackers. The Supply Truck there is one of the few I have to spare at this time, so keep it protected along with the Radio Station while I work to get your aid here.


Echo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories.

Echo 1

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Secure & Extract
  • Objective Target: Reinforced Container
  • Objective: Secure & Extract the Reinforced Container
  • How to Secure: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.) Upon the Reinforced Container being "Secured" a Helicopter Drone will fly down to "Extract" it.
  • Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds
  • Prop suggestion changes/additions: Just need some sort of small - medium sized container on the northern side of the roof for the Extraction helicopter to pick up and that is it. Not a lot of room to work with really.

Echo 2

  • General location Link
  • Objective Type: Capture HVT
  • Objective Target: Kamaz-63969 Typhoon MRAP (Aka the original Spawn Vehicle)
  • Objective: Secure the HVI in the Command Vehicle
  • How to Secure: Stand in the capture zone
  • Capture Timer: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.)

Echo Sector Story

(West - Attacking Team)

We're nearly in a position to salvage this operation, just one last hill to climb, and we're going to be all set. Western Command reports that during the initial assault a Mi-8 Helicopter carrying some interesting cargo had to make a bit of a hard landing on the Helicopter Pad on the Western Building looking down from the hill top and apparently it seems the local Commander is just up the hill inside a Command Vehicle. Secure the High Value Target, extract the container, and then we can focus on taking the city!

(East - Defending Team)

Friendly Reinforcements will be here soon People! Fallback to my position, we make our final stand here, and we will hold this position down to very last soldiers if needs must! Take up positions and stop the Western Invaders here and now!


Smolensk End Story

(West - Attacking Team Victory)

Great job securing that container and capturing the H.V.T. With the Commander of Smolensk's Forces under our watch, we can begin salvaging this operation, and ultimately capture the City from Eastern Command. Their Front line will likely suffer from a lack of supplies and further Air Operations can be conducted with little threat from the ground now in this region. Still a long way to go though and Moscow is  still well out of our reach, but the way is open all the same!

(East - Defending Team Defeat)

The Gate has been breached...the roadways, the railways, and the airways to Moscow are now open thanks to your failure this day...Let us hope that our allies can hold out till Eastern Command comes up with a plan to salvage this failed mission. For now...set your guns down, our part in this war is over, and our time of shame has begun.

(West - Attacking Team Defeat)

All Forces begin immediate withdraw to primary exfils or secondary exfils! This Operation is a bust, we will need to leave it to the main force to push towards Smolensk without close-air support, and hope the defenses will fall quickly. If not, I fear the Eastern Defenses might very well grind our offensive to a halt till one side or the other manages a breakthrough...

(East - Defending Team Victory)

Victory belongs to us this day! Clean out these Invaders, secure their wounded, capture their fallen Helicopters, and then prepare for phase 2 of Defensive operations. We will grind their invasion of Russia to a halt and then Eastern Command can set our Counter-Attack in motion when our assets are all in place for the assault!

And with all that wall of text completed, we bring this post to an end. I hope you all liked the ideas I've put forward for this Smolensk Breakthrough rework, or at the very least just like the idea of Smolensk getting a rework at some point in the future. I wanted to try to cut this post down as much as possible since my Berlin post was a rather lengthy post given that I had an extra objective area in it with the Crashed Plane. Now this is Version 1 of course and Version 2 will be a little longer. However, given that I still have Moscow & Warsaw to go which will get the same full reworks, I might just focus on getting those done before getting Smolensk version 2 completed. But, for now I will bring this post to an end and till the next suggestion post where I will be covering either Moscow Breakthrough rework or version 2 of Smolensk Breakthrough rework...

Have a good one folks!

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