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Something wrong(?) with passages on Moscow TDM. For me at least.

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There are 2 passages on Moscow TDM. On empty map I have ~80FPS in there. But when there are players something strange is happening there. Usually only 2 players is enough to drop my FPS to 20-25. Sometimes 1 enemy player is enough to do it. 2 enemy players - 15-20 FPS. And no problems with other parts of the map... 

I know there would be works on optimization in future. I'm just asking to give a little more attention to these passages with stairs.


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For my own complacency. Was too lazy to make a post for a year i think...😑

Mentioned by TS2 in his theme 


case with Steam UI overlay competing with WW3 for resources. For me disabling it fixes the rubber feeling, with FPS still dropping, though not that much.

And 2nd issue is that dropped weapon in aforementioned map areas is also dropping my FPS.

On screenshots below we can see that with dropped weapon in sight FPS is ~40 and without it it's 77+(capped in settings). It's not obligatory, some weapons do, some do not. So, if this particular case wasn't investigated, plz, do. Note: I'm talking about other ppl, mainly enemy's weapon. And when I pick up enemy's weapon and it's mine that now is lying on the ground somehow it's only ~10 FPS less.


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