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[0.8.9] Textron vehicle bugs.

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First bug. When u enter Textron vehicle u'll be in 3rd person view and have vehicle HUD. When u switch to 1st person view and back to 3rd person view - u'll find that now in 3rd person view u don't have HUD. Nothing can help.

2nd bug. If u switch to 2nd seat and then back to 1st seat u'll find that now u don't have HUD in 1st person view too. Nothing can help.


3rd. Bug. Zero ammo for Grenade Launcher in HUD. In reality u have 1 clip. But u can't reload ur ammo. So it's not 150 but 25 rounds to use.

4th bug. Grenades deal no dmg when exploding on the glass wall behind the A1 station. Both bugs on the gif below.



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