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Update 0.8.3 Patch Notes

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After some time on the PTE, we finally got one. It's still not perfect, there are some bugs, but nothing is game breaking and it should be a lot better than 0.8.2. Let us know and happy shooting!

Update 0.8.3 Patch Notes


  • New Icons for Ammo, Equipment and Med packs to increase visibility,
  • Added Spawn Warnings (Suppressed/No space) for Deployment Widget,
  • Added Markers Objectives Border to ignore progress color,
  • Added new HUD animations and information for Breakthrough,
  • New altitude widget sliders in Heli Drone,
  • Suicide Drone Layout improvements,
  • Static part for tilt widget in Heli Drone,
  • Added new animations for Breakthrough messages,
  • Changed some HUD layouts: (strikes position, inventory widget, player status widget),


  • Leviathan should no longer crash the game,
  • SCAR-H should no longer crash the game,
  • All TPP and FPP vehicle HUDs are working properly now,
  • Anders is back after extended maintenance,
  • Fixed detonation timer not working properly on Breakthrough,
  • Fixed not being able to plant charges on Breakthrough,
  • Fixed opacity on capture point display on the map,
  • Fixed progress offset for capture points,
  • Fixed opening ESC Menu with opened scoreboard allowing you to control the player,
  • Fixing repair station (out of battle zone) placement on Moscow Warzone,
  • Deleting problematic blocking volume and fixing boundaries of battle zone in east side of Warsaw on Warzone,
  • Removed an option to change role on Breakthrough,
  • Fixed Mini Drone icon on the map being visible for all players on the server,
  • Fixed character leaning too much when next to a wall,
  • Fixed suppress effect not working correctly,
  • Fix for Commando not dealing damage,
  • Stop peeking location of the pawn to spawn on, when character already spawned,


  • Added holiday flair to the main menu,
  • Added holiday sweaters to customization,
  • Customization - Added missing flag thumbnails,
  • Customization - character skin thumbnails rework,
  • Added challenge modifier for killing enemies with shots in specific bones (no new challenges yet, just an option for us to add them),
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