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Microsoft was in Poland and it was interested in new teams that could join to XGS!

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Insiders said that Microsoft representatives recently visited Poland. And this visit was of a working nature. According to rumors, the company is actively looking for teams among local game developers who are ready to join Xbox Games Studios.

According to the leak, Microsoft managed to talk with at least one studio. Which one is not disclosed. Boris Neshpielak, the Polish director and author of the documentary "We Are Alright" about indie developers, spoke about the company's intentions and big plans for Polish igrodelov. Later, the director’s guesses were confirmed by shinobi602 insider.

Meanwhile, the list of independent Polish game development studios is not that great. Among the likely bidders are four teams: The Farm 51 (Chernobylite), The Astronauts (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), People Can Fly (Bulletstorm) and Techland (Dying Light, Call of Juarez). Companies like CDPR and 11 bit studios, responsible for The Witcher and This War of Mine, respectively, are public, and Microsoft has not previously been seen in the acquisition of such teams. However, who knows.



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Microsft destroying everything what they touch ( if they come here there will be no more WW3 and plans for the future ) as we know they like to have bare minimum real support and developing team windows 10 is a good example ( at least still we can use it for games ) :) but in other hand as far i known the Chernobylite team is not part of the team for ww3 .

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