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shadow map / flickering / visual noise - again and again


PLEAAAAAAASE, PLEAAAAAAAASE, PLEAAAAAAAASE for the love of god, remove that annoying as f**k checker board shadow map.

It really strains my eyes and I fear of getting permanent visual problems when I continue to play with lower than max AA settings.

And those also kinda suck, because anything beyond medium AA settings wash out everything and enemies are even harder to spot (even when sharpened to max and 200% texture scale).


I literally CANNOT continue playing the game with this issue never getting resolved, which is an absolute shame.


Please remove it ASAP.


Also, check my older posts on the topic - this ain't new; but still annoying as f**k.


Here are some screenshots with low AA settings:








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It would have been better to use Warsaw as evidence as there these grainy effects can be seen most clearly.

When AA is High it is blurring small details: 1. that are far from u, so it's hard to spot enemies on long distances. 2. It's blurring all the image on the screen when u r moving. And only ~0.5 sec after u've stopped the image on the screen is more or less sharp.

I too would ask the AA to be reworked a little, so the few features that now require High AA would be moved to Medium Settings.

More particularly 2 features:

First. When u switch PostProccessing On there are soft shadows appearing in the corners, but they have clear grainy effect. And to remove it u need to set AA High with aforementioned problem of blurring.

Second. With Shadows On no matter what quality they have if AA isn't High shadows on foliage and rocks are throbbing/flickering. I've made a theme about this earlier. Gif from this theme.



Voting Yes, and IF it is not possible to fix these unpleasant occurrences could at least the effect that is fixing be moved from High AA to Medium?

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