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Update 0.8.4 Patch Notes

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First one after the break! The biggest problem right now is the random server disconnects which should be fixed in this patch, but we can't be sure as this is a bug that isn't manifesting in internal testing. Let us know if 0.8.4 helped!

Update 0.8.4 Patch Notes


  • Possible fix for disconnects (needs further testing),
  • Fixed a server crash,
  • Fixed F5 crashing the game,
  • Fixed Scar-H rail not accepting attachments,
  • Fixed client vehicle ammo not reflecting the real value on the server (reload bug),
  • Fixed other players rubber banding shortly after respawning,
  • Fixed text messages overlapping on the Breakthrough HUD,
  • Fixed incorrect widget position of Squad List Widget,
  • Fixed missing vehicle HUD for 1st person on some vehicles,
  • Temporary fix for death markers (skulls) being left on the map indefinitely,


  • Switched drone and air vehicles to new HUD system.
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