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Update 0.8.5 Patch Notes

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We've been tracking down the server issues and we've got some crashes and disconnects figured out, so here's one for the weekend. There's still at least one client crash that we've found, but without proper testing we don't want to risk pushing it to Live, so expect those issues to be resolved later.

Update 0.8.5 Patch Notes


  • Fixed deploy screen not showing up sometimes (especially on TDM),
  • Fixed the death fade to black sometimes happening again after respawning,
  • Fixed a crash in the challenge system,
  • Fixed a crash in the HUD,
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on changing cameras in vehicles,
  • Fixed a reload widget crash that sometimes happened when reloading vehicle weapons,
  • Fixed vehicle ammo replication bug - now the ammo count should synchronize properly,


  • Small improvements to hit replication on the character,
  • Disabled lowering replication rate while dead (should remove unstable timer and low refresh of the deployment map among other things),


  • Removed holiday flair from the customization menu.
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