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[customisation] [outfits] allow chest rig changing separate from shirt


So this is a suggestion mainly aimed at cosmetic customisation, and allowing for interchangeability in a way that could potentially make the game more fun. I'm hoping that what I am asking for isn't too difficult, but I think it could be a good feature if it's not too terribly difficult.

The basic idea is to allow people to first pick a "shirt" or "upper clothing", and then add a chest rig or jacket separately. There's a few reasons I think this would be a cool idea:

  • People could choose a "micro rig" - chest rig without room for plates, which would be the same as picking a hat instead of a helmet.
  • People would have a better ability to visually customise - different chest rigs could be set up to look like they belong to different roles, some with mags on the sides, some with shotgun ammunition, or sub gun magazines. Players would also be able to appear more like a militiaman or freedom fighter, which is cool for me because I really like a lot of the character designs in the latest COD game.
  • Seasonal outfits could be more interesting, there could be a limited time christmas chest rig with candy canes through the webbing.

This doesn't mean I don't like the current outfits at all, I just think that having more isn't a bad thing.

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This sounds cool but it would be a lot of work probably not worth it but that’s up to the devs

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