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Can't respawn after dying in AJAX.

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It happened with me at least 2 times. While being killed in AJAX by Rocketstrike I'm slowly falling on the ground but I don't see killscreen. And nothing can help me to respawn. 

Esc'ing and pressing Respawn button doesn't help too. Only Quitting the game works.

I don't know is it with all AFVs and Rocketstrikes, but for AJAX it is like that.

This is how after death screen looks like.


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I was sitting in the vehicle and there were my mines lying on the ground nearby. Enemy tossed grenade, I think. Grenade forced mine to detonate. As it was low HP, my IFV(stolen from enemies) was destroyed too. And then I wasn't able to respawn. Looked the same as it is on screenshot in first post.

So, I decided to more or less re-create situation and last 2 hours I was calling in vehicles or taking neutral, placing mines near/under them and forcing mines to detonate with hand grenades. 3 times I was able to die like that so I wasn't able to respawn. Esc menu  Respawn button is not working. Only  Quit button sends u to WarMap.

DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when sitting in the exploding vehicle ur dead body "flies" out and when lying on the ground u see slowly fading to black screen, but there is no info what has caused ur death. After that darkening ur vision "recovers" but u r still lying on the ground and nothing can help u to respawn. This is how it looks like.


STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):  I was re-creating  the 1st "no-respawn" situation: sitting in the vehicle in 3rd person view and being killed be landmine explosion nearby.

Don't know should it be landmine. Or should it be 3rd person view. Mines placement. Or whatever else. Don't have PTE, so I was able to try it only few times on Live. Bug happened with me in Boxer, BTR-90 and Wolverine. Didn't test it with heavy vehicles as they are much more expensive.

Upd. Forgot to add. For me chances were 10-20% for this bug to appear.

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