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[Weapon][Feature] Add sidescoping without the actual alternate scope attached.

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Initially theme was created in Ru-segment. 

The idea is to give us the ability to turn our gun and look over it like we are doing it now with alternate scopes, but without actual scopes attached. I mirrored and cropped the screenshot when leaning with MCS to more or less visualise it. Just take into account that when ADS ur weapon would be even closer.

Why I want to add this?

1.Sometimes it's rly inconvenient to enter CQC while having weapon with only high-magnification scopes. But sometimes there is no other way and u need to do it. And while IRL u can somehow do it holding the rifle against the shoulder while looking above the scope, in WW3 u unfortunately can't do it.

2. While holding the weapon against ur shoulder and "sidescoping" without the sights there finally is the room for LASER usage. Currently laser is "oh,so tacticool" thing that has no meaning whatsoever. It only shows enemies that there is guy with laser pointer who is going to appear from behind dat corner. But with this feature u can go ADS without the scope but with pointer that shows u approximate line of fire.


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I ask for more votes and comments.
The idea is incredible, because I am its author 😘

(Я прошу больше голосов и комментариев.
Идея невероятная, ведь я ее автор)

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Oh the laser thing does not have that line all the time it is invisible and only shows a dot but on some conditions like fog it will show

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