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Update 0.8.6 Patch Notes

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Hello again! We've had some major reworks completed this week, so able to push the newest update your way, with some cool fixes. There also has been some hardware changes on our machines to make sure the game is more stable, so let us know if you have any issues.

Update 0.8.6 Patch Notes


  • Fixed Anders PhysX crash,
  • Fixed Quad and Buggy summon limit,
  • Fixed not gaining XP for repairing friendly vehicles (they still don't show up on HUD, but are calculated properly now),
  • Fixed Breakthrough Radio Station being marked after destruction,
  • Fixed Breakthrough Radio Station being marked as objective after destruction,
  • Fixed Breakthrough Station markers interfering with using strikes via map,
  • Fixed Zuni rockets not dealing enough damage to destroy UAV,
  • Fixed UGV summon limit not being counted properly,
  • Fixed some minimap markers staying on the map after parent object is destroyed (Mini Drone, UGV Battle Robot, UGV Leviathan),
  • Fixed canted red dot reticle not appearing after switching from main one,
  • Fixed Battle Robot max speed,
  • Fixed TPP/FPP HUD for Drones,
  • Fixed friendlies appearing on compass widget as red markers,
  • Fixed overlapping HUD when in vehicles,
  • SCAR-H: Fixed wrong default handguard appearing after clearing the CASV handguard,
  • Fixed Screen Space Reflections setting being reset on game restart,
  • Fixed music volume setting being reset on game restart,
  • Fixed debug .dll files being included with shipping build, making playing on Windows 7 crash the game,
  • Fixed Battle Robot with radar map circles staying on the map after BR is destroyed,


  • Changed some hardware on the server hosting machines - let us know if this helped!
  • Markers rework (this is a WIP, please let us know about any bugs you find),
  • Added "Bombing Kill" and "Artillery Kill" to kill feed icon list,
  • Gadget refill progress bar will now autohide when not updating,
  • Improvements to air vehicle HUDs.
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