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Berlin WZ map disappearing wall in the passage between A1 and B1.

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When u lie down on the ground while looking at the A2 CP through the archway - u'll see that the distant wall is disappearing. It doesn't block projectiles and u can attack ppl on the A2 CP.

When lying down no-scoped distance starts from 110-115m. When ADS u have to be a little closer, wall is disappearing ~90m far from u.




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Thats been forever there , there are various points in this level that you can see through walls at a distant point , in the subway stairs, from Behind A1, point respwn base , another from rubble  behind spwn point base C1 , you can get inside the fell chopper and go under level , from C1...etc etc etc. and all this you can shoot , funny thing as with with armor vehicles.

But not saying how to get in those or pin point location, so there are not exploited.

MY team and I had a lot of fun finding this on ALL LEVELS , POLYARNY have a lot of those and SMOLENSK still have old ones as well.

thanks for pics tho.👌

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Thanks for pointing this out! I have forwarded this to the QA team

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