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[Vehicle][Feature] Fix the MRAP!


I'm finally butthurt enough to create this theme even though I was thinking about it for months.

There is one problem with my "dear" "team"mates. These... morons often use MRAP as battle vehicle. And why not? U have armored vehicle that wouldn't be destroyed fast and u have mounted 7,62mm MG with sniper rifle accuracy and 200 rounds. So, we take MRAP, even if it was hid behind something, and go fighting. Yuhuuu!

And here appears one problem. I don't know is it rly because of this, but from my observations when 1st and 2nd seats are occupied - u CAN'T spawn in MRAP. This is how it looks like.



Take into account previous part about ppl like to use it as battle vehicle, so they are sitting in it for quite a significant time and u can't spawn in it all this time and u'll understand why I'm suggesting to:

make the 3-8 seat to be a default spawn place. First, ppl who will spawn in MRAP would not see the RCWS's crosshair and there would be much less temptation to sit in MRAP and shoot at ppl. Second, even if 2 first seats are occupied -  u still will be able to spawn.

Plz, it's among the few things that are rly pissing me off when playing WW3.

BTW, 2 guys in MRAP on the screenshot rolled into the C1 CP and were blown up with RPG 10 secs later...

Vote up or I'll curse u so that all the MRAPs in ur game will be like that one above!!!😠

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Yeah your damn right!!! I tried a couple of times to LOCK FOR SQUAD ONLY to prevent ppl to use it to drive around like retards. But that also does not work.

Also please fix the gun! I can not use it because most of the time it does NO DAMAGE to ANYTHING!!

Also i still have the Teleport and be invisibel bug when somone else drives it and i leave it again!

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