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[Feature] Expand enemy\allied voiceovers in game.


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Currently u can set as allied/enemy voiceovers russian/english/polish voices.


Скрытый текст




And in the same time u have for urself the choice out of 10 voices. 


Скрытый текст



But in the game ur teammates/enemies use only 1 voice. Even though he can use [2 english/3 polish/2 russian]. Devs, why won't u expand the voiceovers by adding all the voices of the chosen nation to the in-game reactions? BF3/4 IIRC has something like 3 or 4 voiceovers per side. U've made awesome work with voiceovers in WW3 but IMO u are wasting the possibilities.

My suggestion is:

1. Add to Voices menu German language. Because I'm running with german voiceover and from my opinion it has all the needed responses to add it to allied/enemy voices menu. And German is in the list for Commander's voices, but somehow not in the list for ground forces.

2, Make that allies/enemies will use all available for specified nation voices in game. Currently 2 for russian/english/german and 3 for polish.

3. ABility to choose multiple nation voiceovers. [English+Polish] vs [Russian+German] for allies/enemies for example. 

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I support this suggestion and I think this could be something to let the community participate as voice actors. But for the moment I would say this is mainly busy work of a lower priority. Progress toward .9 or a progress report are more important I guess. ^^

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