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Bugged Spawn system in BRE mode.

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@Rozmo,  sorry for bothering u, but I have to ask u to test this internally among the devs team as it requires at least 4 ppl to do this. And me with my lonewolfing can't do this because ppl do not want to play Breakthrough maps. 

I was able to test it during warm-up only on [A] SpawnPoints in Breakthrough mode, so I don't know what is situation with other CPs. That's why I'm asking u to do this.

The problem is that game forcefully changing ur chosen spawnpoint to another. And u have to manually choose the SpawnPoint every time after u've been killed. 

It's divided into 3 variations. First is for Moscow map. Second is for Berlin and Smolensk. And third is for Warsaw and Polyarny.



Game is  forcefully changing ur SpawnPoint to A2 SpawnZone. No matter was it A1 or base ur next spawn will be A2.

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Smolensk and Berlin.

Game forcefully changing ur SpawnPoint to ur Base. And if u didn't manually choose A1-A2 as spawnpoints after death and will simply press Space to spawn faster - u'll find urself far from frontline. Look at the spawnpoint icons on the bottom of the screen. I'm not pressing them.

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Warsaw and Polyarny.

Game forcefully changing ur SpawnPoint to D2 underground Railway Station on Warsaw. And near [C] zone on Polyarny. And moreover. Now ur spawnpoints aren't even filled with color as chosen. 


Скрытый текст



Скрытый текст


IMO, it should not be like this.

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Hey tynblpb,

Thank you for your input, I have forwarded this to QA, and we'll gonna check it out. 

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Played just now Polyarny and Smolensk BRE. Spawn bug is actual for defenders not only on A spawnpoints.

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