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Out-of-bounds bug for BRE mode when ur stations have been destroyed.

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Normally, defenders, when both their stations are destroyed, can stay in "no_more_urs"  zone to kick back attackers and gain some BPs.

Currently there is a bug: when both ur stations are destroyed zone is now counted as enemie's and "out_of_bound" timer appears. And 10 secs later game will kill u.😈

This is how it looks like. U can see 2 my teammates dying in front of me with "suicide" note on the right side of the screen not long before I'm being killed by timer too.


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Hey tynblpb,

I will forward this to the QA team to get this checked what is going on and if it supposed to be like that. Thank you for your report. Next time please try to use bug template so we can gather some additional information such as game build, etc.

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