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Flickering textures on Warsaw.

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DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): In 0.8 patch textures(don't know what word fits better) sometimes start flickering. As if the game can't decide Medium or High effects it should be using.  This is how it looks like. I'm running with High effects and it requires to change Effects in settings to fix this flickerings. All others settings do not affect this bug.


GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):81881 and all previous in 3 months for sure.

STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): It happens more or less regularly, but without obvious reasons. Even if server isn't full.

SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): FX6350(OC 4.2GHZ); DDR3 16GB RAM; 4GB R9 380; Game on 7200 RpM HDD, 16GB paging file on SSD.

CRASH LOG (if any):

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So, a little update. Was running for a long time with Textures low and not long changed them to Medium with that flickering reappearing. Changing Effects in Video Settings helps for a short amount of time, so I've tried to find what rly causes this flickering for me.

Answer is: Textures and Screen Space Reflections. Reflection's settings do not rly matter, they should be just Enabled. And then u need to set Textures to Medium and flickering is starting almost immediately. All other Settings be it all-Low or all-Ultra do NOT matter. It was on Berlin. Later I'll try it on Warsaw.

Is it only for me?



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About Warsaw. On both Warsaw and Berlin these flickering starts to happen after I've played few matches on different maps and my game is now using not 6,5GB of RAM, but more than 11,5-12 GB. And then with Textures set to Medium some textures, shadows, few objects that are generated by Effects start to flicker or change their size. First 1-2 matches have no such problems.


For Warsaw setting Effects Low and than back to what u want is removing the flickering for few minutes but then it appears again.

And there is 1 thing that doesn't depend on any settings except the Textures. I call them "sprites" as if in CS1.6 when we were painting walls.

These sprites flicker no matter are all the settings except Textures all-Low or all-Ultra. And ONLY when Textures are Medium they flicker as if the game can't decide, what quality to choose. This is how it looks like. Not that it's bugging me, just interesting, what can cause this.


For Warsaw it's this "sprite". For Berlin there are "explosion" sprites on the walls around the breaches.


For now, I'll run Textures on Low checking from time to time will something change with the time flow or not.


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