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Update 0.8.7 Patch Notes

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Hello, Soldiers!

It's been a while, but there are good reasons for it: we're working on some big stuff in the background and we're very excited to share those things with you at a later date. While that is going on, we wanted to make some improvements to the current state of the game, so there are a few big items on the list below.

Mainly, the PhysX crash has been fixed. It seems to be a bug in how UE4 handles collision and we can't be 100% sure our fix will cover all cases, but from our internal testing we've had 0 crashing related to this issue. We've also fixed some long standing bugs, like the dark parking lot and some minor issues.

There's a few improvements as well, like the new Breakthrough Station sounds, client update speed and the Continue button sending people off to far away lands on a laggy adventure. The last one is just a temporary fix while we work on the matchmaking, so don't worry - it's coming back one way or another.

Update 0.8.7 Patch Notes


  • Fixed the PhysX crash,
  • Fixed Warsaw underground parking lot postprocess,
  • Fixed capture point icon going grey on Warzone,
  • Fixed SCAR-H having no sight in the default loadout,
  • Fixed character becoming invisible when possessing Mini UGV or Mini Drone,
  • Fixed repair station not repairing vehicles if repairing was interrupted,
  • Fixed OTV strike granting too many Battlepoints,
  • FIxed damaging enemy vehicle with suicide drone not adding points when the player is not controlling it at the moment,
  • Fixed not being able to place AT Mines,
  • Fixed Semtex grenades not detonating other Semtexes when exploding,
  • Fixed smoke grenade mesh and marker disappearing halfway through the smoke animation, now the mesh disappears in the moment of activation.
  • Fixed the tablet not hiding after using OTV,
  • Fixed claymore explosion not triggering other explosives, and claymore itself,
  • FIxed not being able to edit equipment configs when using special characters to name them,
  • Fixed some meshes that were clipped through by the camera,
  • Fixed the Battle Robot top speed being too high,
  • Fixed mouse cursor if the game finishes while the player was using the tablet,
  • Fixed thermal scopes not working on Berlin Warzone,


  • New Breakthrough sounds,
  • Added XP notification for repairing friendly vehicles,
  • Improved the invisible character situation (it still needs more testing),
  • Problem with "Continue" after match - temporarily all matches end by sending players to the menu,
  • Improved update speed - might be noticeable after the next patch and it's still not 100% there.
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