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[Strike] Heavy Assault kit drop



In this article will be many links to other suggestions.

Heavy Assault Kit drop belongs to Support Strikes

It grants you dropping container with heavy assault armor with exoskeleton and armed with powerful, but real weapons, those can't be balanced to be used as common. Don't be afraid, doest increase soldier durability by 10 times or even 2 times.

Heavy Assault Kit will quite alteration for the side you choose: Western Treaty Organisation (WTO) or Easter Military Alliance (EMA).


WTO Heavy Assault Kit



EMA Heavy Assault Kit



These are just examples, how Heavy Assault Kits can look. All this equipment exists in real life. For WTO there are on the picture "Quadguard IV" body armor, ASYA exoskeleton and Daewoo K11 Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher. For EMA there are "Sapphire Dominator" body armor, exoskeleton for Ratnik-3 and ASh-12 assault rifle with revolver grenade launcher. Ofcource, exosuits for different sides should have same stats, only differ the apperience. But weapon should differ, and there will be some choise. Maybe, Heavy Assault Kit will have 2 slots: for anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapons.


WTO Weapon (Examples)


K11 assault rifle/grenade launcher. Also has advanced hybrid scope (rangefinder, IRNV, ballistic computer) and bipod.


Gilboa Snake assault rifle. 5.56x45 with two barrels. Can also use bipod, laser sight.


M249 with backpack feeding. Also can use both bipod and foregrip, what is unable on standart weapon.


EMA Weapon (Examples)


ShAK-12 assault rifle with revolver grenade launcher


TKB-059 7.62x39 assault rifle with 3 barrels. Attachments should be available, ofcource.


Pecheneg with backpack feeding. Also can use both bipod and foregrip, what is unable on standart weapon.


Procs, Cons and Properties.

+ Combines mobility (same stats as light soldier) with protection (equal IIIA Helmet+IV Steel Armor, also has limb protection, damage multiplier is 40%);
+ Can holds up to 3 grenades (can choose type) and 5 magazines for AR;
+ Can holds up to 3 first aid kits.;
+ Can use IRNV (same as vehicles);
+ Wears gas mask (immune to gas);
+ Can use antimateriel rifles without proning:
+ Cheap enough (like 1200 BP);

   All infantry weapon use AP ammo;

- Replaces your equipment, so gadgets will be unavailable;
- Still be easy killable (like 2 heashots and 5-6 bodyshots with 5.56x45. Same as regular heavly soldier);
- Special weapon can be choosed, but not customised.



So, Heavy Assault Kit is nothing like Juggenaut from CoD or M.A.X. from PS2 imba killing machines. It's just a little more advanced and versatile soldier, whic has fair enough power for it Battlepoint price.

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I was going to suggest something moderately like this and I'm rather happy that someone did it before me (Making so many suggestion posts gets tiring after awhile lol.) My only suggestion would be-

  • Increasing BP cost based on what primary weapon the Player brings in their Heavy Assault Kit - This way Players need to be a bit more considerate about what exactly they're bringing rather than just defaulting easily. With the more expensive stuff, they would ideally be a bit more careful as well to avoid letting so much BP go to waste so quickly.
    • Assault Rifles -> Cheapest Weapons ( 0 BP cost Increase)
    • Hybrid Rifles -> 2nd Cheapest Weapons (150 BP Cost Increase)
    • Machine Guns -> 2nd Most expensive Weapons (300 BP cost increase)
    • Anti-Material Rifles -> Most expensive weapons (500 BP cost increase)

Outside of that I can only say "Test it and see how it goes." Happy my suggestion posts could play a role. 🤘😀👍

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