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Why u bully Tochnost'?

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Devs, why r u bullying poor Tochnost' rifle? Look at this pretty thing.



Let's say at first about it being much weaker than G29. Well, to be expected, 7.62X51 vs .338 Lapua. But! There are few things that make it even less desirable, than G29. Me, though, still is running with Tochnost'  rifle as for some, unknown to me reasons, i'm much more accurate with it than with G29.

First. Secondary sights. If G29 has full course menu, poor Tochnost' is limited to only Iron Sights... And if G29 can use x2 magnification secondary sight, allowing it to be somewhat usable on close to mid distances, Tochnost' having only Iron Sight loses comparison without any chances. Shooting with x6-x8 scopes on close distances vs some lightweight kits?..


Скрытый текст




Second. Even though Tochnost' can use silencers that are available for all other rifles/LMG/pistols its choice of Compensators is limited to 1 - Tor muzzle brake.

Скрытый текст



I'll remind - rifle uses 7.62x51 rifle rounds. Why it can't use the full list of compensators available for all other weapons? It's not like they will break the balance. Though I would like to attach DMG Nine Milli's compensator that reduces spread and try to shoot no-scoped.

Upd. How did I forget about that?! Third. 10 rounds magazine for G29 and 5 for Tochnost'. 10 HP/AP rounds of alternate ammo for G29 and 5 for Tochnost' respectively.

So, devs, why u bully Tochnost'?😋

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My poor Tochnost' rifle... devs bully u... But I found a way to attach "normal" secondary sights to u.

First. We need to attach some of the Themal Vision scopes and make sure that Secondary Sight slot is free.

Скрытый текст


Second. We change Primary sight to x5 Dual role scope and see that now Secondary sight slot is filled with Dual Role secondary sight.


Скрытый текст


Third. We switch back to the Thermal Vision scopes and see that all of them are available.


Скрытый текст


Fourth. The moment we attach Thermal Vision scope to our poor bullied Tochnost we see that now all Thermal Vision scopes become unavailable to attach. We don't care because it's on the rifle already.😈 

Скрытый текст


And the Secondary Sight is the Dual Role Iron Sight that has interesting feature. If u switch to Dual Role Iron Sight when having any other than Dual Role scope/sight attached ur soldier still will act as it's Dual Role scope and will look above the scope. 

Now all we have to do is to attach laser pointer and voila! we have "normal" red-dot secondary sight attached to our poor bullied Tochnost'. 



The only problem is that sometimes Primary Sight "unautorizedly" changes to Dual role x5 scope.


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