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[Attachment][Feature] Expanding barrels customization/properties.


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Currently most of the weapons have Long/Medium/Short barrels available to be equipped.

Long barrel provides:

  • Decreased vertical recoil
  • Increased equip time. [Disabled]
  • Decreased base bullet damage.
  • Increased weight.

Short barrel provides:

  • Slightly decreased vertical recoil.
  • Decreased equip time. [Disabled]
  • Increased base bullet damage.
  • Decreased weight.

And Medium barrel is usually being ignored as it has no useful properties.


All-in-all short barrel is more profitable for medium players. Because gun handling difference can be seen by experienced players or if u use medium-high magnification scopes or both cases combined. Upcoming movement/animation system should(?) enable equip time difference for barrels + weight of weapons will be counted too. Without this now there is absurd meta of TDM LMG run'n'gunning as the time when u will start shooting after interrupting ur sprint is almost equal for all weapons.

My idea is to expand the list of available barrels multiplying it by 2.

Each barrel will have 2 versions: Regular and Heavy.

Regular will be the same as it's now.

Heavy will have:

  • Increased weight.
  • Even more, but not much, decreased vertical recoil.
  • Increased ADS time.
  • Slighlty increased Equip time in comparison with equal length Regular barrel.

My thought is that choosing for example Heavy Long barrel ur character will have maximum stability of ur weapon when shooting if he is ALREADY ADS. So, if it's ambush or u r defending CPs or trying to shoot someone far away - it'll be the best choice. In the same time if u will try to run/n/gun in CQC - u'll find urself dead even before u'll lift ur weapon up. Players with maximum decrease of ADS time will have advantage in CQC. With this 1 AR can be turned into Battle Rifle or be the perfect TDM gun.

In the same time Heavy Long Barrel will be perfect for BRs and LMG that now will be more designated to long range firefights. And in the same time if players will try to enter CQC having weapons like this they'll be forced to move much more cautiously without sprinting and pass all suspicious places already ADS with all the disadvantages of this decision.

And finally. Medium barrel should have something like [0.05 - 0.1] HORIZONTAL recoil decrease. Justification: factory made weapon is the most balanced. Because as of now Medium barrel is ignored.

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In general I like your idea so I upvoted. Personally, I would add to get rid of the varied base damage between the barrels as it feels very unnatural. Also, I am not so sure about medium barrels. In fact I use them on some weapons as I neither like the reduced damage of the long barrel (leading to an extra bullet to kill sometimes) nor the additional spread of short barrels leading (leading to an additional miss sometimes). But that's preference.

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