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Weak zones of the MRAP/MSPs.

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Currently 2 MRAPs have 1 weak zone - their back. But 1 MRAP is for dmg munchkins like me, and 1 is for casual players. What I mean by this: 1st MRAP has the whole back side as weak zone, and 2nd has only its "winglets" as weak zones and shooting it in the back means u r dealing the same dmg as if u were aiming at the sides. It looks like this.

Western MRAP.

Скрытый текст




Eastern MRAP.

Скрытый текст


As we can see there is huge difference in how their weak zones look. And while somebody can say that Western has advantage because it can receive increased dmg only from behind, while Eastern can be destroyed with 2 singlestage and 1 tandem grenades from the sides too, I'm sure a) majority doesn't know about this feature b) only rare perverts like me have high magnification scopes mounted on their RPGs that allow them to land perfectly aimed hits.

Moreover, I'm sure majority will aim at the center of the rear side where there door is, assuming that it should be the weak zone and will deal normal, non-increased dmg.

So, without knowing what are the weak zones on Eastern MRAP it'll require more grenades than 1 person can carry without equipment pack. And that is why even if u've flanked enemies ur attempt to destroy enemy's MSP can be unsuccessful.


Yes, noobs must suffer and devs did this to please me🤝 or it was unintentional😢?

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