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Game Crashes at looby

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hi i have been experiencing this problem for a whole week now and i have tried everything, i reinstalled the game, i reinstalled the operating system and i even tried to launch it on my laptop but it still crashed. What happens is after the loading screen i get into the lobby for about one or two seconds, the game freezes but there is still menu music running in background then that stops as well and then i get a crash report on my screen. 

System specs are below

CPU: i7-4790k
CPU COOLER: H100i V2 liquid cooler
RAM: Corsair Vengence Pro 32GB
MOTHERBOARD: Asus Vanguard B85
GPU: Zotac GTX 1080 AMP Extreme 
SSD: 120GB Kingston Hyper X Savage
HDD: 6TB Segate Barracuda Drive
PSU: 1000Watt Cougar CMX 80+ GOLD

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Hey welcome to WW3 forums mang .

You have a good rig.

whats your O.S. ?


Had you tried to verifying your game files?

On steam  click on the game name (right mouse) open down tab, select Properties, then it opens Properties window , select Local Files tab, then select  VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES...  click and wait until verified. sometimes you need to verify a couple of times, reboot and boot game try this , if you haven't tried.




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Just a guess.....In case  you are overclocking your CPU/GPU/or Memory, try removing OC and try again.......

I only say this as I don't think I have ever crashed from lobby.  Nowadays, even in-game crashes are very hard to come by from my experience so I am thinking this is system specific.

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