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Strikes/gadget and their visibility on Map/miniMap.

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There is problem with gadget/strike icons not being shown on the Map/miniMap when u r actually using them.

How it should work - miniDrone as example. Both mine and miniDrone's icons are on the Map/miniMap when I'm using it.


Скрытый текст


And in the same time when u use UGV u both will disappear from both Map/miniMap.


Скрытый текст


When using Quadrocopter there will be ur icon but no quadrocopter's icon.


Скрытый текст


Same with Loitering Ammo.


Скрытый текст


When calling in HeliDrone and operating it both ur and HeliDrone's icons will disappear from the Map/miniMAp.



Fix this plz. Particularly HeliDrone's icon is rly important when dropping the bombs.

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Thank you for the observation, UI is still work in progress so some features can be missed.

I will make sure such features are fully covered by design team

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