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Few issues in the hall under B2 Moscow map.

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Dunno, know devs about it or not, so let it be. Actual for both Moscow TDM and WZ maps.

First. I've reported about it already here.


These darkstone plates near the floor do not stop bullets from flying through. Now I want to report misplaced a little wall that somewhat u give the vision and with "can be shot through" stones u can try to attack ppl that are outside.

Скрытый текст


Plus, these dark stone plates are transparent for flashbang's blinding effect.


Second. The gold coloured edging of columns or whatever it is. It has no collision for projectiles and also doesn't block blinding effect of flashbangs.

Скрытый текст


U can be blinded only if both surfaces aren't blocking blinding effect. So it's working only for edges of columns. Something like this.


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Thank you for spotting this out, I have forwarded this case to the QA team.

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