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Absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug №3.

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Disastrous. Unacceptable. Warsaw WZ is being completely unplayable with this bug...😠 To be precise there are 2 bugs.

First bug. When I'm trying to capture for example B2 on Warsaw sitting in my AJAX, game doesn't allow me to do it as if I'm not supposed to capture this CP when sitting in vehicle. As if I must to do it as these lowly infantry peasants.😕  Icon of the the capturing simply doesn't appear.

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Second bug. Even if reconcile to that injustice and humbly try to show enemies that even though I can not capture this CP it absolutely doesn't mean they are allowed to do it. And here second injustice is appearing. My SH shells that are exploding when hitting WOODEN floor do not deal any dmg. Splinter flying in the air, but that's all... No problem with stone floor though. But still! I can't play like this!


Скрытый текст



 I expect by the next time I'll decide to visit the mall in my AJAX these bugs to be fixed.😤  🤪


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