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Initially I was thinking about creating this theme after the new patch(whatever it will be) will hit the PTE/Live and seeing are there any of my previous suggestions implemented or not. But I ran out of patience much faster then I expected. So, I'll create this theme with my demands and let it hang here to be able to check it later.

Why I'm creating it? IMO some of my suggestions should not be voted, but implemented(I'm arrogant, yes). Simply because I think ppl do not understand how much some features affect balance/gameplay/QoL. 

 Don't know, mb some things are fixed/reworked already, but having nobody to ask, here are my DEMANDS.


  • Icon visibility.


Ppl here and there complain about "clunkiness" of HUD when playing WW3. Solution is to give as ability to disable/change sizes of CP/Soldiers/vehicles icons separately. Ppl do not want to up-vote this theme, so I demand this to be added. As example under the spoiler are screenshots of how WW3 screen looks like when u trying to attack B1 Warsaw WZ from A1. Last pic shows how it looks like when CP icons are disabled. Fow me CP icons in the left upper corner is enough. 

Скрытый текст



  • Gunplay.

The more I play after writing my thoughts in this theme


the more I want to see the idea of adding armor properties to arms to be implemented. Because now steel armor being the more restrictive gives u NO(?) bonuses. Don't know will it change after attachment/ADS rebalancing but currently being in the heavy tier gives u only disadvantages without buffing ur survivability. Reduced movespeed, weapon equip(?) time, higher dmg when falling off the height, much longer time to stand up after jumping from the height. And all this for increased protection of only half of ur front torso projection when at best only 1 out of 5 bullets hits it.


  • Expanding customization of voiceovers in game.


Currently u r limited to 2 nation voiceovers in game + 1 for commander messages. IF we believe Roadmap there will be Chinese/Japan voiceovers too. I demand the ability to create "multi-national voiceover alliances" in game. I want to create some exotic [Russian + Polish + Chinese] vs [American+British English + German + French] voiceovers. The situation when game is having 5+ voiceovers and in the same is limiting u to only 2 active is genuinely wrong IMO.


  • Deployment screen management.



Ability to spawn on ur SL by choosing his icon at the bottom of the deployment screen was previously in the game. Mb it will be implemented but I'm going to remind about it. Moreover I want first feature to be expanded to MRAP/MSP too. And the latter should be fixed, so its icon wouldn't be inactive half of the time it's on the map when some another noob is trying to use it as the battle vehicle.


  • Balancing SA-80.


Currently best AR. M4, G36, MSBS-K are comparable with it, but SA-80 is still the best choice weapon that can compete even with shotguns in CQC. And if it will not be nerfed in next patches it'll be most frequently chosen weapon in pub. The ONLY solution I see is to limit it's choice of magazines to 30 rounders and less with it being still ultra-effective but for a limited amount of time.


  •  End-game screen info.



Currently, when match ends u can fap to how awesome ur soldier model looks on the screen and how awesome ur squad is if it was the best. And only when enemy squad was the best u can compare ur with it. IMO u should be able to do it regardless how the match has ended. And scoregraph can show u what was the flow of the battle.


Weapons and their firemodes.


99% of players do NOT use the burst fire modes. And in the same all the ARs do have them. Even those that do not have bursts IRL. I want them to be matching their IRL prototypes.


  • Melee attack range.


Absolutely useless when ur target is moving. And I'm talking not only about when hitting enemy from behind. There is one "funny" thing. Because of current melee attack range when enemy is lying on the back - u can NOT kill him from behind. Ur hit simply doesn't reach...


  • Reworking reconnaissance UAVs.


Idea of giving 3D spot to Barracuda UAV was very controversial for forum inhabitants when it was added in last year. Currently it gives too much advantage to attacking side because defenders are  usually sitting still and with 3D spot rombs attackers can appear from behind the corner with pre-fire that, with WW3's BTK, gives almost no chances to fight off. Plus, smokes do not save from 3D spot. Idea is to reduce effectiveness of the UAVs. 

  •  Impact grenade.


Currently more the firecracker than a grenade, with it's lethal radius of 0.1 meter and splash radius ~2 meters. In comparison with frag/sticky grenade ~4 meters LETHAL radius. Impact grenade is in NEED of buff.

  • Rocket strikes.

Currently too many obstacles block effect/dmg of the explosion because rockets explode at ground level. Idea is to lift the center of explosion few meters above the ground.



Closing statement:

The suggestions above are there because they, I genuinely think, will make game better and not because of my selfish desire to see them in game.

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Do you think we'll ever see anymore patches pushed to PTE/Live?
I mean does that make sense with the steps they've taken?

I reckon the game will just come out one day as full release free to play and we'll see nothing in between now and then

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5 часов назад, @PRUNKgaming сказал:

Do you think we'll ever see anymore patches pushed to PTE/Live?
I mean does that make sense with the steps they've taken?

I reckon the game will just come out one day as full release free to play and we'll see nothing in between now and then

Well, considering devs burned themselves 2 times with initial release and 0.3 patch, I presume that they will think 2 times😋 before releasing the game that wasn't "tested" on different high-low performance systems. Means they need to use community at least 1 time.

And in the same time taking into consideration their current "we will be silent till the end" approach, the later they will show final result of the development the more hype they can try to create.

Summarizing, My.Games manager said during AMA that they count WW3 as AAA game or something like that and as with all the multiplayer AAA games in last 10 years it can be the usua:l 2 weeks prior the release date there will be open "beta" version and... that will be all we'll got.


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