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Yay! I'm suspended!

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Finally. After being toxic in Steam for 10 years I finally received Steam game suspension.

Though I literally DGAF about it there is one thing that interests me: is there any way to find what was the actual reason? Message, etc. Because me being toxic every day doesn't know why it's only now.

Any ideas, thoughts, tips, hints?

P.S. It turns out, that there are sooo many games in Steam that I can try. 🙂



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Maybe you be toxic to a powerfull admin or you shoot him to much 🙈  just kidding

Dude i get banned ones for using stupid name and here u get warnings from Devs for posting your opinions and how you feel you been threated as a customer.

Like Kindergarden

I mean me have a hughe collection of screens from ppl behaviour and what they write to me and others on the Servers omg 🙄 (language filter and autokick maybe??)

Sorry but this is the wrong use of EASY ANTI CHEAT punish legit players and brand them as CHEATERS?

Best sentence is "The developer of this game is using EAC to help fight cheater in their game" so you are a known Cheater now like me Dude 😜

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