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Mephisto sometimes can't destroy tanks with direct hit.

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I don't want to write here "what the f..ck?!", but rly, devs, WTF?

When 1 or 2 months ago I've dealt 75% dmg to fully-packed M1 Abrams with direct hit of Mephisto I didn't pay much attention to it as it was kinda intense fight and I thought it was Stormbreaker. But I remembered this WTF?! moment. Later when I was dropping some other Mephistos on heavy armor I was much more attentive.

And u know what? It's not that rare for Mephisto not being able to destroy tank based vehicles. As if their chassis armor is working against Mephisto as it's working against RPG grenades and then u can NOT destroy heavy armor vehicles with direct hits. As it was with my recent attempt to destroy BMPT by dropping MEPHISTO right in the center of its silhouette. Screenshot below.

Devs, P-L-E-A-S-E, fix this nonsense before the release.

90 dmg dealt to 1000HP T72's hull = 75 dmg dealt to Abrams's 1200HP hull.



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Yay! My new record. I scratched BMPT's armor with MEPHISTO's explosion 1m far from hull. One piece of chassis armor destroyed.



Cheer for me.


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It seems this bug is too ping-related. It's happening when I'm playing on NA servers. Last 2 months no problems with dmg when dropping rockets on EU servers. 

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