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Patch 1.0?

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Hey Developer´S?

Can You or maybe someone who is in charge just tell us when someone will do some work on this game called World War 3 from Farm51.

They made this great Shooter World War 3 you know a game that was realy good at the beginning.

I would say THE NEW BETTER Battlefield!!!!!

But then it seems they made some wrong decisions and just lost the mood to work on it ...?

So it would proof greatness and fairness of Farm51 Team to make YOUR point of view Clear...would be nice to hear real news NO copy/paste  news.

I just take a look at the pages of Ragir or other F51 Admins...last visit May??

I dont expect an answere seems realy project is  left 4 dead 🤔

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On 8/22/2020 at 2:36 PM, WW3Fckinsucks_scamgame said:

Good things coming soon, just wait a few more decades


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