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[Vehicles][Feature] Expanding call-in mechanics on the base vehicles.


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My point was, is and will be: default base vehicles are TOO weak.


First a little digression:

in first hours of playing WW3 in october-november of 2018 when there was no server browser u could connect to matches only via Quick Join button. The problem was that often u were connecting to the server where match was already in its middle and all base vehicles that u wanted to try were destroyed long ago. Don't forget that vehicles limit was much stricter. Don't forget that I was newb and my PPM was low and even when I had enough BPs it was often too late to spend them on calling in vehicles. And vehicle's cost was much higher. And even when I was able to call them in without much practice(remember, too low chances to try base vehicles to have any experience) my vehicles wer destroyed in matter of few minutes.

This is how it was for me. I'm sure it's the same for any newcomer in WW3. Sometimes I drop vehicles for ppl to use them. Because seeing  ppl with less than 10k BPs after 45 min match it's obvious that even if they wanted to call in vehicle - they are unable to do it.

My suggestion is:

1) Remove tanks and IFVs from the bases.

2) In UI make a special tab "Base Vehicle loadouts", where u will be able to choose loadouts of the East/West base vehicles accordingly.

3) Make 2 "drop-zones" in the bases where called-in vehicles will land.

4) first player in the match that will enter this zone will trigger 5 sec "capturing" process and when he will successfully "capture" that "drop-zone" there will be usual air-transport fly-by and the vehicle will be dropped into that zone.




With that even the newcomers that aren't that good with grinding the points will be able to try the vehicles they like. With loadouts they want to try.

There will be 20-30 secs delay in comparison with current version how fast our vehicles will leave the base. And even if they wanted to, ppl will be unable to rush to the point without infantry cover where they will be fast destroyed.

And finally fully-loaded vehicles with smokecreens, APS, thermal vision and chassis armor will not be that pitiful, like they are now. Today, once again, I've destroyed Bumerang with 2 shots. Easiest 500+BPs in 3 seconds.



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