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[Soldier][Customization][Badges] Soldier Customization Suggestions | Badges - United States Army


Hey Folks

So I felt like doing a light suggestion post as I get ready to overhaul almost all of my older suggestion posts and I felt I would do some Soldier customization stuff. I figure this would be pretty low risk in earning some angst from People (not risk free mind you) and make some suggestions that don't actually impact gameplay beyond "Hey, I get to make my soldier look cool." Anyways, I know the United States has a lot of customization representation in the game and thus a lot of People will probably turn their nose up at these suggestions. But, I think some of these additions would be cool to see still. Sadly I couldn't find vector art for all of the emblems, so some will have some sort of background behind the emblem itself. I actually re-created this post a few times, mostly because I was trying to cut down on the length of the post. So, what I will be doing is covering the U.S Army first, then I will cover the U.S Marine Corps, and whatever branch I choose to cover after that. Once I have the United States covered, I will likely cover Italy next since I have something a little extra special I would like to do there. But, that is enough for now, lets get on with things.

If you wish to read other suggestion posts I have made after this, click the link down below.


Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive"


Contents of this post

  • Section 1 - Army Branch Badge
  • Section 2 - Special Operations Command Badge
  • Section 3 - Army Division Badges
  • Section 4 - Special Forces & Special Operations Forces


Section 1 - Army Branch Badge

Since the United States Marine Corps & United States Navy both have their emblems in game. I think it would only be fair to include the U.S Army's Seal as well. While this may not be something a Soldier actually wears on their combat uniform, the rule of cool can still be easily applied to this video game (at least my personal bias take of rule of cool. At least I'm honest in my biasness though!)



Section 2 - Special Operations Command Badge

Since the USSOCOM badge is in WW3 (As SOC), I thought it would be kind of cool to have the Army branch emblem of USSOCOM to go with it as part of that "my rule of cool" approach. Though if the Developers are concerned about how many Badges they can put into the game, this can be ignored.



USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command) - Founded on December 1st, 1989, USASOC is the command charged with overseeing all Special Operations Forces of the United States Army. Its mission is to organize, train, educate, man, equip, fund, administer, mobilize, deploy and sustain Army special operations forces to successfully conduct worldwide special operations. It also apparently doubles as the distinctive unit insignia for Delta Force.


Section 3 - Army Division Badges

For the Divisions (which I know the U.S has a lot already present in the game) I wanted to find groups that had some sort of involvement in Asia as part of the coming Asia Theater of War. Here are three of the groups I found that had various degrees of involvement in that region of the World.


2nd Infantry Division - Currently based in South Korea acting as a pre-emptive defensive forces against an invasion from North Korea. One of the unique aspects of the 2nd Infantry Division is that it's the only Division made up partially by South Korean Soldiers called KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army) that have been drafted into service by the South Korean Government. This however, is a modern day trait of the 2nd Infantry Division, not an original trait like the next Infantry Division involved in Korea.


7th Infantry Division - Though based in Tacoma Washington, the 7th Infantry Division had a rather extensive role to play at the end of WW2 as it served as a occupation force in  Japan. At the start of the Korean War however, the 7th Infantry had been severely depleted due to post-war shortages of Men & Equipment. The Division would be reduced to 9,000 Men after aiding to replenish 25th Infantry Division & 1st Cavalry Division in Korea. To help replenish the ranks of the division, South Korea assigned nearly 9000 soldiers to the Division. UN Forces would also be attached to the Division from time to time in the case of the Colombian Battalions which swelled the ranks to 25,000 when they entered combat. Though for much of the war as part of the UN Forces as well, 3 successive Kagnew Battalions from Ethiopia would also fight alongside the 7th Infantry Division.


1st Armored Division - Based currently in El Paso, Texas. The 1st Armored Division is a combined arms division of the United States Army. It was the first Armored Division of the Army to see battle in WW2 and has served in every war since. They saw battle in the Korean War, Persian Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan along with several other operations. The Division has earned numerous awards and recognition throughout all of the conflicts it has been involved in.


Section 4 - Special Forces & Special Operations Forces

Nearing the end of this post I wanted to suggest the metaphorical scalpels of the United States Army, their Special Forces & Special Operations Forces.

US_Army_Special_Forces_Insignia_incl_SP_tab.svg          d29d3915e942f6e31d8bdadd1f2bec50.png.607a5c37174c5256bd4ed1899063ad27.png

US Army Special Forces - Also known as Green Berets, the US Army Special Forces are the only Special Forces unit within the United States Army, and tends to be regularly confused with Special Operations Forces like the 75th Ranger Regiment, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, and others. When a individual passes training in Airborne operations, they earn their Airborne tab, when they complete Ranger training they earn their Ranger tab which goes above the Airborne tab, and finally when they complete Special Forces training their new Special Forces tab will go above the Ranger tab. They're regarded as the Quiet Professionals as they're typically made up of very modest, reserved individuals, and primarily take part in unconventional warfare by deploying deep behind enemy lines where they will attempt to raise an army of the local population to fight their current enemy of interest.

Please note: The insignia on the right is the distinctive unit insignia of the Green Berets that is usually placed in the center of a group's Beret Flash. Depending on the group would also determine the colors of the Beret flash itself, but the insignia would look exactly as it is presented in the center of the badge.

1920px-75_Ranger_Regiment_SCSIB.png.5389ced8045ff0897a050d2bcf8b1a8b.thumb.png.87fd7a15be58fecb7cc324e2c5b79652.png          51zlPDQGjxL._AC_SS350_.jpg.fa2ca6431e9db92a39b069f66c6b7d88.jpg

75th Ranger Regiment - Is the premiere Light Infantry unit of the United States Army and is a Special Operations Forces unit under SOCOM. Unlike Green Berets, Rangers are typically very intense individuals as it's one of the qualities Rangers look for in them. Their missions tend to involve direct action against enemy forces, raiding enemy homes/strongholds, siezure of Air Fields, Destruction of Strategic Facilities, and more. Their motto; Rangers lead the way! Dates back to WW2 at Dog White sector of Omaha Beach, when then-Brigadier General Norman Cota, an assistant division Commander of the 29th Infantry division, informed one Major Max Schneider CO of the 5th Ranger Battalion upon discovering his Battalion were Rangers; "Well, god******, if you're Rangers, lead the way!" and from there the motto was instilled into the Regiment to this very day.

Please note: The insignia on the right is the distinctive unit insignia of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Much like the Green Berets, the insignia is placed on the Beret itself. Unlike the Green Berets however, the Ranger Beret is beige.

800px-U.S._Army_Special_Operations_Command_SSI_(1989-2015)_svg.png.87c76a07d0f0a7adb2decb6007f70f40.thumb.png.d557aa08f54687c302dd07c8111a05b1.png          authentic-1sfod-cag-delta-force-sine_1_97cfc74591a7b16550e322223cd2560b.thumb.jpg.b4af3482a86bab981eb77526826842f5.jpg

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta - Most commonly known as Delta Force or "The Unit", this group of highly trained operators are one of three of the U.S Military's primary Tier 1 Special Missions units. Their counterparts in the Navy & Air Force are DEVGRU & 24th Special Tactics Squadron. Many aspects of Delta Force are classified from the missions they undertake to what they're looking for in recruits during selection. What is known however, is that they take part in Counter-Terrorism, Direct Action, Hostage Rescue, and Special Reconnaissance missions. Most of Delta's Operators are selected from the U.S Army Special Operations Command's elite Special Forces groups (Green Berets) and the 75th Ranger Regiment along with other Special Operations units.

Please note: The insignia on the right is the distinctive unit insignia of Delta Force. Much like the Green Berets & 75th Ranger Regiment, the insignia sits in the Beret itself. As for what color the Beret is, I think that varies between individuals, and what group they were a part of prior to joining Delta Force. So If they have a Maroon beret, they were part of the U.S Airborne. If they have a Green Beret, they were part of the Green Berets. If they have a Beige Beret, they were part of the 75th Ranger Regiment. I could be wrong though as well, so keep that in mind.


And with all of that out of the way we bring the post to an end.  I hope everyone likes the idea of having these badges on offer in the game, I know the U.S already has a lot of representation via badges currently. But, when it comes to badges and soldier customization in general, more is simply more in my opinion. I will likely get started on the U.S Marine Corps later today, it should be a fairly small suggestion post since the Marine Corps is the 2nd or 1st smallest service branch of the United States Armed Services. I say 2nd or 1st because Space Force is the newest service Branch, but it's still considered a department of the Air Force right now even though it's suppose to be independent. Most likely a "It's still in development" sort of thing. Anyways! Till the next suggestion post...

Have a good one!

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