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No cooldown for strikes.

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There was a bug with noCD for strikes when playing Breakthrough mode.

Just a 30 mins ago I've encountered the same bug when playing WZ on Berlin.


DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when playing match there can be no cooldown bug for all available strikes. And u can spam them as long as u have enough BPs. On the gif below 3 Flying Eyes in a row called in 30 mins ago.


GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, but it's for sure since the 2019 year.


Just now on Berlin I had noCD when I have changed sides. When there was warm-up I was on the West side. After the match start I disconnected to redo the loadout and when reconnecting I was on the East side. IIRC common thing for all the cases of this bug happening is that I was on the server during the warm-up and changed the side after the match start. noCD bug when playing BRE was only when I was on the Attackers side. For BRE if u connect to empty server - u'll be Defender. Majority of my games on BRE were when I was testing things on empty server, then ppl were filling the server, and I was moved to the other team. That's why, I think, I've never encountered this bug when being defender because it either u r staying on the same side or u r connecting to the already running match. That's why few matches when I connected to Attacker's I didn't encounter noCD bug.


 I'll repeat that it's only an assumption but I have no other ideas.

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The more I play the more I'm leaning towards the thought that all written above is a wrong assumption.

My current bet is that there is some kind of Great Atlantic Bug Wall in WW3, that is creating bug when u try to play across the ocean. For some it is like the enemies are teabagging and hitreg is broken(no problems  for me, BTW). For me it is noCD for strikes. I'm not sure were there problems with CD when playing on EU servers, but when playing on NA it's happening almost every time. Without any "extra" moves. Today I connected to NA server and there was noCD bug. Few mins to earn 1500 BPs and check was enough. This server.



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