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Issues with shooting after reload.

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There are 3 "types" of reload in WW3:

1st. U have some ammo in ur magazine and reload to make it full.

2nd. U spent all ur ammo, u have empty mag and press R to refill ur magazine.

3rd. U have alternate ammo and u press and hold R to switch to alternate ammo. And vice versa.

Problem is that guns are divided into 2 groups in regard of how they behave when holding LMB when reloading.

DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when u hold LMB when reloading some weapons start to shoot automatically after the reload animation ends and some weapons require u to release LMB and press it again for weapons to start shooting. It's often enough to lose CQC fight even if u know about that "feature".

GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):84855, but I'm sure it's a long-standing bug.

STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): So, there is a list of weapons that DO NOT SHOOT when u hold R while reloading when ur magazine was not empty.(1st type reload)

All LMGS, AK-15, MSBS-K, Vepr-18, M416, G36, Beryl 7.62, DMG Nine-Milli, Vityaz SMG.


All other weapons that have automatic fire automatically start shooting after the reload if u hold the LMB.


Next. I wouldn't call it a bug, because it the same for all weapons. 2nd reload type. IF u have emptied ur magazine and start reloading IF u start to hold LMB before the digits on the HUD turn from 0 to 30(magazine volume) ur weapons will NOT shoot. But when digits start to show that magazine is filled with cartridges - u r free to press and hold LMB as the weapons will start to shoot after the reload animation ends. With the ONLY ONE exception - Glauberit will not shoot. Problem is that for different weapons this time of when u can press and hold LMB is different - for some it's split second for some it is almost 1 or 2 seconds.

No weapons have problems with shooting with the 3rd reload type. If u press and hold R to switch to alternate ammo and then press and hold LMB - ur weapons will start shooting the moment reload animation will end. LMGs included. For both main->alternate and alternate->main reloads.


So, could devs plz check if this bug with 1st reload type shooting is fixed in new animation and if not make so it will be standardized for all weapons, new(not released) included.

I don't care will it be shoot or no-shoot after reload patterns but so it will be one for all weapons.

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