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[Attachment] UKM angle grip.


Currently forehand grips are divided into 2 groups: 

1st: [Horizontal + Vertical recoil] = 1.8

2nd:  [Horizontal + Vertical recoil] = 1.7

Majority is 1.8 tier and Juno grip and UKM grip are 1.7 tier. Juno is jack of all trades and UKM is for those who like precise shooting.

And here appears a problem. UKM grip is simply too good. With it's 0.6 Horizontal recoil multiplier it's a no-brain choice. Especially when almost all weapons have considerably high horizontal recoil that need to be compensated. I found myself using it on all the weapons except the MSBS-B and SA80. Add to this that fact that it is the ONLY horizontal recoil reducing grip that fits LMG's foregrip and we will see that currently UKM angle grip is kinda unbalanced.

My suggestion is to rebalance it and make so there now will be room for Potato grips and Cobra grip. IMO it can be achieved by my moving it to "jack of all trades" group where it will be with Juno grip.

Let UKM grip have significant Horizontal recoil reduction and somewhat effective Vertical recoil reduction.

UKM angle grip:

Vertical recoil - 0.9

Horizontal recoil - 0.8.

Now it will compete with Juno grip but will not be overly good in comparison with other horizontal recoil reducing grips.



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