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I'm willing to trade 8kk of currency.

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Like it's in title. I have 8kk of in-game currency and I have an offer:

I'm giving devs my 8kk of in-game currency and someone from devteam will post here one, only one, screenshot with Shibuya TDM or Gobi map.

Believe me, it's very good, generous I would say, offer. 1 screenshot for 8kk.

Well, IF u like round numbers I have 2kk more on PTE version.

Being serious:

I rly hope that in the late December as the NewYear's for russians or Christmas gift for westerners we will see at least few things about what was done accordingly to 2020 Roadmap.

I mean, it still there, hanging and nobody said that everything has changed and we shouldn't look at it anymore.

Both old Roadmap 


and new "teaser".

roadmap 2020.png


If there will be no info before we will reach 2021 I'll be a little bit disappointed.

P.S. I was deadly serious about trading 8kk for a screenshot.😐

Upd. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Offer.



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