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Vehicle Repair Depot

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This bug appeared 100% of the time,on every single map i've played that has vehicles.Of course the game mode is Warzone.
The bug is pretty straight forward,once your vehicle is damaged doesn't matter if it's standard spawn or your own score streak,when you come to the base to get repaired,the repairs do not work unless you adjust it on a certain angle.
The angle however is always random,sometimes at the beginning of the platform,sometimes it's at the middle and sometimes at the back edge of it.
I know for a fact some time ago,the repair platform in the base worked correctly and repaired vehicles on the spot as soon as you park in the middle.
But now whenever i park,casually the repair does not want to start.Which is quite annoying because i need to spend a minute or so,to find the correct angle to get my vehicle repaired.

This bug happens to me very single time,on every warzone map with every vehicle type.

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U just need to leave and re-enter platform. Usually it's 3 times for it to start working.Bug was reported long ago.


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