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[8.5] Vehicle Depot Bug

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A very game braking bug I've came across recently is in the safezone,or the spawn area of every map in Warzone.

Basically this bug makes you repair the vehicle on the platform on a very certain position and angle.Before the platform worked more than fine as soon as you parked your vehicle on it,the vehicle would resupply and repair.However with this bug that action would only be done if you were on a specific spot on the platform,which is very weird and that position would always switch around.

Re-entering the vehicle doesn't work,leaving it for a few seconds on the platform doesn't work and this is with all driveable vehicles in game,score streaks and standard spawn.It also happens on every warzone map,or well map with the repair and vehicles.I'm not sure when this bug began to appear but i know for a fact that before that the platform worked like intended and without issues.

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