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Game-changing bug. For personal use only.

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I made previously a post where I exposed this particular bug, though I can't find it now.

In short: When u r going ADS with Thermal Vision scopes and back, for a short time after that u will see that the picture on ur screen is slowly brightening. Eye adaptation or whatever it is.

The bug itself is that dying when ADS with Thermal Vision scopes in ur "next" life will leave u with "suppressed" vision. And IF u have weapon with Thermal Vision scope attached - game will enable "eye adaptation" and in next few seconds ur vision will turn back to normal. But if u will spawn with the weapon in hands that DOES NOT have Thermal Vision scope attached ur vision will remain "suppressed".

And this bug is completely game changing. First, on "night" maps it "INVERTS" the lighting?/shadows? and maps are "overlit".

Скрытый текст


As u see it fixes the problem with too dark pic when staying near the open fire.

But game-changing bug for me it's on the "day" maps. And if I have a mood to play survival-type game I connect to Berlin or Warsaw TDM maps and Day rounds are survival mode for me, when everything is dark, ppl are almost invisible and literally jump out of the dark and u r forced to run with flashlight On. And it's working only for u, that's why in title there are "for personal use" words.


A little tour on central building of Berlin TDM.

Скрытый текст


And this is how it looks like in motion.



So, if anyone is nostalgic about underlit areas of the patch 0.1 and wants to try survival-mode of WW3, feel free to use this bug.

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