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Small but rly annoying reload bug.

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I RLY hope it's fixed in new animation, but if not, plz, Shia LaBeouf it.

Don't remember was it reported or not.

DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): when u've emptied ur weapons mag/drum/belt and try to switch to pistol, IF u in the split second will press LMB - ur soldier will switch back to ur main weapon and start loading ALTERNATE ammo, if it is possible. It's rly annoying when in CQC u with empty SCAR-H try to switch to pistol and in the heat of the moment press the LMB just to see ur soldier switching back to SCAR... Sometimes it is not annoying, but infuriating.

Looks like this. With G38 it's easier to reproduce because of its long time reload. Secondary weapon does not rly matter from what I've seen.

STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): empty ur magazine; press button to switch to secondary weapon; in a split second after that press LMB; see ur soldier switching back to weapon with empty mag trying to load alternate ammo; usually die looking at it happening.😑


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