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[Weapon] Weapons that could enhance WW3 - Assault Rifles | RM277


Hey Folks

Time for another Assault Rifle to get the "Weapons that could enhance WW3" spotlight and today I will be covering the RM277. A prototype 6.8mm caliber, bullpup rifle that is currently one of three next generation weapons taking part in the U.S Army's NGSW program. Of the three top runners in the current bid, the RM277 & the MCX-Spear have the best chances of succeeding in the bid to replace the M4 in the U.S Army (ignoring larger implications mind you and that this is just a Civilian's non-expert opinion.) However, of the three, it seems the RM277 has the least amount of public information available currently, so this post was a little bit of a pain to approach. After this round of weapon suggestions, I'm going to actually go back to my old posts that haven't been forwarded to the developers, update their layouts, see if any new information has been provided for them, and overall just update them. But, that is later down the road, for now-

If you would like to read other suggestion posts I have made, click the link down below where I keep links to pretty much ALL of my suggestion posts I have made for WW3. Otherwise, lets get started on the RM277!


Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive"


Contents of this post

  • Section 1 - The RM277 - Real life information behind the Weapon
  • Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the RM277- What the strengths & weaknesses of the Weapon should be.
  • Section 3 - Customization Options - What customization options should be open to the Weapon.


Section 1 - The RM277


  • Country of Origin: United States 🇺🇸
  • Manufacturer: General Dynamics
  • Predecessor: None
  • Weapon type: Bullpup Rifle
  • Weapon Caliber (Primary): 6.8mm (277 TVCM)
  • Weapon Calibers (Alternatives): None
  • Weight: N/A
  • Capacity: 20+1
  • Operators: None - Prototype Weapon to possibly be adopted by the United States 🇺🇸

Web Sources

Video Sources

Summary: With a few Nations in the World stepping away from Bullpup weapons to adopt more standard weapon layouts, the developers at General Dynamics have taken a bold step to submit the RM277, a 6.8mm firing Bullpup Rifle, designed to serve in both a Riflemen role & Automatic Riflemen role for the U.S Army's NGSW program designed to replace both the M4 & M249 SAW. The company developed a new 6.8mm round of ammunition that uses a combination of polymer casing along with a steel bullet, ensuring that the ammunition would be 30-40% lighter for the users that carry it around. The RM277 also features a completely 3D printed Suppressor that uses multiple material to keep it lightweight & efficient with full intention to use it on every rifle regardless if it's in the Riflemen or Automatic Riflemen configuration. Overall General Dynamics has been fairly tight lip in regards to allowing more information out to the public, though it has been slipped out apparently that the weapon only fires at around 550 RPMs. it is hard to say which Rifle the U.S Army will ultimately choose, because much like the Sig Sauer entry, the future of the RM277 of General Dynamics is uncertain at this time when it still has many hurdles to get over.

So, what would the strengths, weaknesses, and stats be of the RM277 if it was to be added to the game?


Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the RM277

In this section I'm going to cover what I think the Strengths of the RM277 should be, what Weaknesses it should have, and finally what I think it's basic stats should be upon entering the PTE servers for testing. In regards to the stats, I will be proposing them from a stock weapon perspective (IE: no attachments/modifications.) This is being done both to keep the post relatively on the small side & not give me a headache in the process of making it. Because there is so little information provided to the public in regards to RM277, I'm largely going to be winging it from here on out. But, lets get started.

RM277 Strengths

  1. Bullpup bonuses - With the RM277 obviously being a Bullpup, it should naturally get the bonuses that come with being a Bullpup.
  2. Lightweight Ammunition - The RM277's Ammunition is one of it's largest selling points of the Weapon as reduced ammo weight usually leads to soldiers being allowed to carry more ammunition. The best way I think this can be translated into WW3 is to give the RM277, 1 - 3 additional magazines than is normal for an Assault Rifle to have (I personally lean towards 2 additional Magazines.)
  3. 6.8mm Caliber - The 6.8mm caliber Ammunition on request by the U.S Army is to give Soldiers greater Lethality at longer ranges (so higher damage at range) and offers greater muzzle velocity of roughly 3000 fps or 915 m/s. Overall this means the RM277 would definitely be more of a long range bullpup rifle compared to the others currently in the game.
  4. Special Suppressor(s) - The RM277 Suppressors for both the Rifle Pattern and Automatic Rifle pattern were specially tailored for this weapon platform. Without these suppressors the weapon would be rather loud, registering sound levels within the "magnum" range apparently, and would have greater recoil than what it has currently. So, since these suppressors are tailor made to this weapon platform, I would say that the weapon should be quieter than the average assault rifle (not by a lot, maybe just a Medium rating of sound suppression), having some of the recoil trimmed off of it, and the suppressors should not be too heavy even for looking like a Soda Can on the end of the barrel. The Devs could get away with making just one Suppressor for the RM277 if they wanted to do so. But, if they choose to add two suppressors for it, then those Suppressors should have some altering effects to give players at least a little muzzle variety in the weapon's customization.

Now we move on to weaknesses to help balance out the gun a bit more.

RM277 Weaknesses

  1. Bullpup Drawbacks - With the RM277 obviously being a Bullpup, it should naturally get the drawbacks that come with being a Bullpup.
  2. Slow Rate of Fire - While there is very little information to back this claim, the RM277's rate of fire is estimated to be roughly 550 RPMs. If this is indeed true, the RM277 (if added to WW3) should have a rather slow rate of fire and thus really not be all that good for CQC unless the player has good aim/gets the drop on the enemy first.
  3. Limited Muzzle Options - Since the RM277 was designed around using it's special suppressors, the weapon should NOT have access to any other Muzzle options.
  4. Limited Barrel Options - The RM277 seems to currently have only two barrel lengths on offer which is Medium & Long.
  5. No 3-Round Burst Fire - The RM277 seems to not have the fire selection option for 3-Round burst. Which I see as more of a benefit for WW3 than a negative (less is more at times folks!)

With both Strengths & Weaknesses out of the way, I think the PTE stats for the RM277 should look something like this-

RM277 basic PTE stats proposal

  • RM277 Effective ranges: 0 - 105m (33 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (28 damage)
  • RM277 Weight: 16.2
  • RM277 Recoil: 0.64
  • RM277 Spread: 0.21
  • RM277 Reload time: 3.4 Seconds
  • RM277 Rate of Fire: 550 RPMs
  • RM277 Caliber: 6.8mm TVCM
  • RM277 Muzzle Velocity: 915 m/s
  • RM277 Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 4 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 5 / STL: 6


Section 3 - Customization Options

This part will be pretty quick because I won't be covering stats, just what modifications & cosmetics the RM277 should have access to..


  • Primary Sights
    • All Assault Rifle Options
  • Secondary Sights
    • All Assault Rifle Options
  • Barrels
    • Long Barrel
    • Medium Barrel (Stock)
  • Muzzles
    • RM277 Suppressor(s)
  • Lowers
    • All Assault Rifle Options
  • Side
    • All Assault Rifle Options
  • Magazines
    • 10 Rounds
    • 20 Rounds (Stock)
  • Ammunition
    • All (Gun) Ammunition Types optional


The RM277 is only a Prototype Bullpup Rifle at this time, so no aftermarket parts are available for it currently. That said however, I think the Devs could work some creative magic at least with the pistol grip to add some options if they desire to.


And with all of that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of seeing RM277 added to the game, even if maybe not exactly how I proposed it. I've now proposed two of the three NGSW Rifles currently looking to replace the M4 with the U.S Army. I have one more of them I could propose. But, I'm not sure if I want to propose it next as I've already suggested two American Assault Rifles back to back. We'll see though later down the road. For now I achieved what I really wanted; which was to propose the RM277 & MCX-Spear. They're both 6.8mm Weapons (which we don't have any), they're actually different from one another for the most part with the MCX-Spear having a standard layout vs. the RM277's Bullpup design, and overall variety is the spice of life. But, for now sleep calls for me and I have another Weapon Suggestion post to work on...I just don't know if it's going to be a Light Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, or Sniper Rifle I cover next...We'll see though! Till the next suggestion post...

Have a good one folks!

Edited by Dunabar
Saw a major error in Modifications and had to fix it. Added Secondary Sights & Lowers.
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I physically can't vote for this suggestion as long as rifle has this knob as silencer. My sanity is in danger every time I look at it.🥴

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7 hours ago, tynblpb said:

I physically can't vote for this suggestion as long as rifle has this knob as silencer. My sanity is in danger every time I look at it.🥴

Good news, sanity is overrated. Bad news, that suppressor isn't changing any time soon. Embrace the Cook Can...or Soup Can as I first thought of it.

Edited by Dunabar

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