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[Feature] Fighting off "IR+smoke" abuse.


It has been used, it is used and I'm sure it will be used. Cheapest tactic to gain advantage in firefights. U throw smoke grenades and shoot through the smoke because smoke is transparent for IR scopes.

It's the "fair" advantage as it's not breaking any rules or mechanics, but in the same time it ruins the fun for average players.

So idea is to rework a little how IR scopes interact with Concussion grenades. Concussion grenade exploding even on the max distance(iirc it's ~30m) when it's blinding effect expires in a split second - it should apply full time duration blinding effect. But not to the soldier. It should IR scope's matrix to be "overloaded" so that pic when u go ADS is full-white, but u still can hipfire while being in the same equal situation as all others. Rocker-paper-scissors if u want.


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Im for fully blind effect when you are blind you are blind ( and the duration should be serious ) we are not a machines .

For smoke grenades in the real world exist smoke grenades with metal particles in it ( this block  IR scopes ) so i see here opportunity for another kind grenade let's say with lower range of effect easy peasy and everybody are happy :) .

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