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[Strike] Strikes that could enhance WW3 - Support Strikes | ROSW


Hey Folks

As I was working on my suggestion post for the Italian (🇮🇹) Benelli M4, I stumbled across some older videos regarding the Paradigm SRP - Talon, and after watching them & thinking about some older suggestion posts I made. I figured I would take a chance at pitching a new Strike for WW3 before getting to the next gun suggestion post. While the name of this strike may leave a lot to be desired, the Developers can always make a new name for it if they wish to. I just called it R-O-S-W for the acronym, and overall make the Strike's origin seem flexible to the whole East vs. West concept of the game. Not really a super original idea. But, it's not something (generally speaking) we have in WW3. So...when life gives you lemons as they say...

Quick story - long ago I came up with a new strike category concept simply called "Support Strikes" and originally the idea was to make a category of strikes that didn't have anything to do with attacking/killing enemy players. But, I think, if the ROSW was added to the game, putting it into a strike category called "Support Strikes" would fit very well even if the original concept was designed around the idea of largely non-lethal strikes. i say "largely" non-lethal as really scoring any kills with these types of strikes should either be pure accident or entirely just dumb levels of luck. Anyways, that is enough bla bla, lets get to it!

If you would like to read other suggestion posts I have made, click the link down below where I keep links to pretty much ALL of my suggestion posts (including two old suggestion posts for Support Strikes!) I have made for WW3. Otherwise, lets get started on the ROSW!


Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive"


Contents of this post

  • Section 1 - Basic ROSW concept - Basic Concept of the Strike.
  • Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the ROSW - What the stats, strengths, & weaknesses of the Strike should be.
  • Section 3 - Stats & Customization of the ROSW - What customization options should be open to the Strike.
  • Section 4 - Countering the ROSW  - What ways Players can counter the strike.


Section 1 - Basic ROSW concept


I drew inspiration for the ROSW from the (Above) Paradigm SRP - Talon and from all the RCWSs currently in WW3.

Video Sources regarding the Paradigm SRP - Talon

The strike concept of the ROSW (Remote Operated Sentry Weapon) is very simple; a defensive, stationary, remote operated turret that can turn 360 degrees, fire a variety of small arms ranging from a SMG to a .50 BMG Sniper Rifle, and can even be upgraded further with a Automated System that will engage hostiles at the most optimal, effective range for the weapon & caliber (Will go into greater detail further down the list in the Stats & Customization of the ROSW section regarding the Automated System.)

The way a Player should call the ROSW in is very simple. First have them select any location on the map (excluding out of bounds & enemy deployment naturally) to deploy the ROSW, after that have the Helicopter Drone fly down to deliver the container housing the ROSW in it. While the Turret is inside of the container, the Turret is marked unclaimed, and anyone is able to pick it up. Once it is picked up however, the person who ultimately claimed the ROSW will then incur the following penalties while CARRYING the ROSW-

  1. They're incapable of using any of their Weapons, Gadgets, Grenades, Strikes, & Repair Tool.
  2. They suffer a movement speed reduction.

I know some may not like these incurred penalties while they're carrying the ROSW. But, this is being done to discourage (not prevent) Players from running around the map with the ROSW like it's an offensive support weapon to just be dropped in place the moment they spot an enemy. When the Player can deploy the ROSW, they will need to find a suitable flat surface, and can use a translucent model of the ROSW to see exactly where they will be placing it the moment they go to deploy it. Once the ROSW is deployed on the ground, the player will no longer suffer the penalties that come with carrying the ROSW.

Finally the ROSW should have 3 sub-systems.

  1. Optic - Damage the Optic enough, the Operator cannot see where they're shooting & the Automated System cannot engage targets.
  2. Turret - Damage the Turret enough, the ROSW cannot turn left or right.
  3. Turret Shield - Damage the Turret Shield enough, the Turret will no longer be protected from most small arms fire from the front. (Turret Shield sub-system is only active so long as the ROSW has been upgraded with a Turret Shield.)

So, if the ROSW was added to the game, what would it's strengths & weaknesses be?


Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the ROSW

In this section I will cover what I think  the Strengths & Weaknesses of the ROSW should be.

ROSW Strengths

  1. Defensive Support Weapon - Players on Defense or capturing points requiring an extra set of eyes & firepower, will be able to use the ROSW as a extra means of fulfilling their task in the moment.
  2. Automated Objective Defense - Should the person who called the ROSW onto the map feel like paying the extra amount of BP to field the ROSW with it's "Automated System" upgrade. They could use the ROSW as a means of protecting an Objective without being in the minimum 100 meter range to operate the weapon directly.
  3. Stays even in Death - Should the owner of the ROSW be killed, it should not cause the ROSW to automatically self-destruct if it's already been deployed. If the owner is killed while carrying the ROSW, that should cause the ROSW to be destroyed as well.
  4. Fire over Cover - Depending on the height of the cover of course, the ROSW should be tall enough to shoot over most objects it's placed behind.
  5. Reduced vertical & horizontal Recoil - Because the weapon would be fixed to the Turret, the reduced recoil of weapons should be noticeable. That said however, spread should still be a factor to consider during prolonged fire.
  6. Resistant to most small arms fire - The ROSW should be fairly resistant (NOT IMMUNE) to damage from most calibers smaller than 7.62x51 NATO. Anything from 7.62x51 NATO & above should still do full damage (maybe even 6.8x51.)

Now for weaknesses to balance things out a bit.

ROSW Weaknesses

  1. Limited Mobility - Outside of the owner of the ROSW picking the strike up and moving it. The only movement the Turret can do is a 360 degree turn and point the gun up & down at roughly 60 degree angles.
  2. Limited Connection Range - The Player should be required to be within at least 55 Meters to be able to use the remote operated function of the ROSW when they DO NOT have the Automated System upgrade.
  3. Limited Ammunition - The ROSW should have a limited amount of ammunition at it's disposal with the actual amount varying between the weapons mounted. Should the owner or team wish to resupply the ROSW, they will need an Ammo bag equipped/off cooldown which will be completely used up by resupplying the ROSW.
  4. Limited Anti-Vehicle usage - The ROSW should be incapable of being upgraded with any sort of Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, and the likes that can seriously damage Vehicles.
  5. Limited Protection - The ROSW should have very little means of protection beyond taking out the enemy before the enemy takes out the ROSW.
  6. Electronic - The ROSW should appear in Thermal sights since it's reliant on electronics and of course powered by a battery. So, naturally the thing would generate warmth and the whole point of a Thermal Sight is to detect warm objects (typically Humans, Animals, Operating Vehicles, etc...)

With the Strengths & Weaknesses out of the way. What sort of Stats & Customization should the ROSW have?


Section 3 - Stats & Customization of the ROSW

In this section we will be covering the basic stats of the ROSW and what customization options I'd personally like to see it have. Now, admittedly right now, I'd like to see a little more complexity in it's customization options compared to other Strikes. The reason for this is because the ROSW, ideally in my head, should perform entirely depending on what sort of weapon it's equipped with. Want it to mainly secure a stairwell? Consider mounting a MCS, VEPR-12, SIG, SA80, or any sort of CQC minded weapon on it. Want it for long sight lines to act as a remote sniper station? Equip it with the G29, Tochnost, 417, or some other weapon good at reaching out to long distances. Naturally all of the weapon choices will have their benefits and drawbacks depending on the weapon that is selected. So a mounted Machine gun may have a higher magazine/total ammunition capacity than other weapons. But, have a slower turret Rotation speed, longer reload, and higher BP cost as a example.

  • Base BP Cost: 450 - (Not including the base Weapon cost)
  • Health: 500
  • Max Operational Range: 55 Meters
  • Optics: 1x - 3x Sentry Sight
    • BP cost: 0
  • Weapon Configuration: Battle Rifles
  • Weapon Configuration BP cost: 200
    • Stock Weapon: SCAR-H
      • Muzzle: SCAR-H Muzzle Brake
      • Barrel: SCAR-H Medium Barrel
      • Magazine Capacity: 20 Rounds
      • Fire modes: Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic
      • Spread: 0.2
      • Rate of fire: 525 RPMs
      • Reload time: 7 Seconds
  • Total Ammunition Capacity: 40
  • Rotation Speed: 7
  • Elevation Adjustment Speed: 7
  • Elevation Adjustment: 60 Degrees

Now for actual customization options that should be allowed with the ROSW.

  1. Optics
    • 1x - 3x Sentry Sight
      • BP cost: 0
    • 4x - 6x Sentry Sight
      • BP cost: 50
    • 7x - 9x Sentry Sight
      • BP cost: 100
    • 10x - 12x Sentry Sight
      • BP cost: 300
  2. Weapon Configuration
    • Submachine Guns
      • BP cost: 0
      • All SMGs optional
        • All SMG Muzzles optional depending on the SMG
        • All SMG Barrel lengths optional depending on the SMG
        • All SMG Magazine Capacity optional depending on the SMG
        • Weapon Weight influences Elevation & Rotation Speed
    • Shotguns
      • BP cost: 50
      • All Shotguns optional
        • All Shotgun Muzzles optional depending on the Shotgun
        • All Shotgun Barrel lengths optional depending on the Shotgun
        • All Shotgun Magazine Capacity optional depending on the Shotgun
        • Weapon Weight influences Elevation & Rotation Speed
    • Assault Rifles
      • BP cost: 100
      • All Assault Rifles optional
        • All Assault Rifle Muzzles optional depending on the Assault Rifle
        • All Assault Rifle Barrel lengths optional depending on the Assault Rifle
        • All Assault Rifle Magazine Capacity optional depending on the Assault Rifle
        • Weapon Weight influences Elevation & Rotation Speed
    • Battle Rifles
      • BP cost: 200
      • All Battle Rifles optional
        • All Battle Rifle Muzzles optional depending on the Battle Rifle
        • All Battle Rifle Barrel lengths optional depending on the Battle Rifle
        • All Battle Rifle Magazine Capacity optional depending on the Battle Rifle
        • Weapon Weight influences Elevation & Rotation Speed
    • Machine Guns
      • BP cost: 350
      • All Machine Guns optional
        • All Machine Gun Muzzles optional depending on the Machine Gun
        • All Machine Gun Barrel lengths optional depending on the Machine Gun
        • All Machine Gun Magazine Capacity optional depending on the Machine Gun
        • Weapon Weight influences Elevation & Rotation Speed
    • Precision Sniper Rifles
      • BP cost: 600
      • All Sniper Rifles optional
        • All Sniper Rifle Muzzles optional depending on the Sniper Rifle
        • All Sniper Rifle Barrel lengths optional depending on the Sniper Rifle
        • All Sniper Rifle Magazine Capacity optional depending on the Sniper Rifle
        • Weapon Weight influences Elevation & Rotation Speed
  3. Turret Shield - A heavy steel Turret Shield that protects the front of the ROSW & Turret from standard & hollow point types of ammunition. (IE: FMJ & Hollow Points no longer do damage to the front of the ROSW & Turret sub-system. Optics, Flanks, & Rear of the ROSW & Turret sub-system are still exposed to FMJ & HP ammunition)
    • BP cost: 200
    • Rotation Speed: -2
    • Elevation Adjustment Speed: -2
    • Elevation Adjustment: -10 Degrees
  4. Automated System - Installs a Automated System that allows the ROSW to operate on it's own when the owner is not using it. With the Automated System, the ROSW will not attempt to engage targets outside of it's weapon's most optimal, effective range, and will only engage targets in areas with the highest chance to hit. (IE: If the Weapon's most optimal effective range is 0 - 20 meters. It will not automatically engage targets at 21 meters and above. It will also only go for body shots on Infantry, not head or limb shots)
    • BP cost: 600
    • Automated Operational Range: Unlimited
    • Operational Range: 55 Meters
    • Doesn't Attempt to engage any IFVs, AFVs, or MBTs.
    • Will attempt to destroy any Quads, Buggies, & Drones so long as they're within the required perimeters to be engaged.
    • Reloads Automatically only when both the Magazine & Chamber are empty
      • Strike Icon flashes with a X over the portrait when it's out of Ammunition
    • Engagement Time
      • Engagement Timers should vary between-
        • Sentry Sight
        • Weapon Type
        • Weapon Caliber
        • Weapon Weight
    • Chance of missing
      • Should vary between-
        • Sentry Sight
        • Weapon
        • Weapon Type
        • Caliber
        • Distance between Target vs. ROSW

I think that covers everything, though I wouldn't be shocked if I forgot to include something (kind of the price to pay with these longer posts & burning the late night oil.) But, with all of that out of the way, it's time to begin wrapping this post up with ways to hard/soft counter the ROSW.


Section 4 - Countering the ROSW

So, what ways can the ROSW be countered by enemy players? Well, a lot of different ways actually. Unless you're bull rushing a ROSW, there are more than a handful of ways to come out on top against it. Hell, some of them don't even require the Player to put themselves at risk of dying to it at all. So, here are some ways the ROSW can be countered.

  1. UAV Jammer Strikes - It's remote operated turret that requires the usage of signals. Of course the Jammer Strikes would be a problem for the ROSW.
  2. Artillery, Bombing Runs, & Airstrikes - It's remote operated turret that is stationary pretty much 24/7/365...
  3. IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs - At worse the ROSW can blind them, at best it picks up a kill on an extremely damaged IFV/AFV...and even that requires the ROSW to first have at least have a high caliber weapon equipped...and require the player to directly operate the ROSW.
  4. Quadrocopter & Suicide Drones - Stay out of it's attack line of sights and you're easily able to destroy it.
  5. UGVs & Helicopter Drone - Stay out of it's attack line of sights and you're easily able to destroy it unless you're using the 7.62 MG...at that point it might take more than a couple brief seconds.
  6. Explosives (Grenades, C4, Explosive Drones, RPGs, and etc...) - Stationary, largely unarmored turret...would you really be all that surprised if any of these destroyed it?
  7. Another ROSW - Fight fire with fire sometimes.
  8. Breaking Line of Sight / getting into cover - Pretty self explained, but a lot of variables to consider also for scenarios.
  9. Smoke Cover - At worse, the Player manages to kill someone blind firing into the smoke. At best the Player is just wasting ammo shooting at nothing or the automated system simply cannot see a target and thus won't shoot/attempt to engage targets in that direction for the time being.

Ultimately it's a weak (health/armor wise), stationary target that cannot move around without the assistance of the player that claimed it. At that point, you're getting a 2 kills in 1 deal with the Player picking the ROSW up. So if anything I either proposed a very well balanced strike or a very weak strike (which works given that nobody can claim it's overpowered and that means improvements can be made gradually over time.) It can't move on it's own...it's literally just going to sit there unless the player attempts to move it, and even then the Player is going to incur the penalties to move it. If you cannot counter the ROSW when it's deployed or when it's being moved, the problem isn't the strike....(unless it's bugged/glitched of course! But, that is a whole other matter.)


With all of that out the way, we can now truly bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of the ROSW (Remote Operated Sentry Weapon), even if maybe not exactly how I proposed it. The Developers could make this an even less complex strike than what I suggested. But, when I saw the Paradigm SRP - Talon, I saw a lot of different potential uses with it. Ultimately a lot of the uses I had in mind I actually cut out to keep the Strike from being overpowered...I may have even made it underwhelming ultimately. But, that is why I'm posting this on a forum, so I can make changes where I need to. I actually thought about allowing the ROSW to use Special Weapons and some of the RCWS turrets as well, which the Developers could do if they want to add this into the game. Hell, they could go even more simplistic and just make it a simple Stationary RCWS if they would like to have such a defensive, remote operated turret.  Like any suggestion post I make though; I merely make the suggestion posts, the Developers can choose to do with them whatever they desire. For now though, the hour grows late, I need to get some sleep, and later today I will get back to working on "Weapons that can enhance WW3." Till the next suggestion post however...

Have a good one folks!

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