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[Feature] Adding condition to Sway mechanics.


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Shamelessly stealing pic from TZoningHard's post in 0.7 patch's Feedback theme.


Скрытый текст



Pic ROUGHLY shows how sway looks in WW3. And currently sway is "thing in itself". It exists, affects ur aiming point and isn't affected by anything.

And here appears one problem. When shooting in SINGLE fire mode ur aiming point after the shoot is returning to where u were aiming before the shot. With one BUT - "point before the shot" + sway. For full-auto it's actual too, but only when u r good with recoil compensation and weapon's loadout is appropriate.

I'll remind: sway is NOT affected by anything. And if it was swaying downwards - so will do ur aiming point. Look at gif. SCAR-H long barrel, Cobra grip + UKM compensator, x4 Sapphire scope.



And then, if u for example were shooting at ppl on the long distances when they are hiding behind the covers and mb even abusing head-glitching, u can see that large part of ur shots is hitting the ground a little lower than u want. Just because u were shooting on the "descending sway". Usually not penetrating the obstacle or dealing much less dmg if doing it.

Moreover if it was relatively high-recoil weapon such as SCAR-H and u were automatically trying to compensate it's recoil with ur mouse movements only to see ur shots going low.


SO, my suggestion is: first shot is "rewriting" the sway pattern IF sway is in the "descending" part of the loop. If sway was in "ascending" part of the loop this feature will not affect it and only when the sway is in the highest point of its trajectory it will rewrite it with another "ascending" loop. 



With that there will be no such unpleasant things as sway creating "overcompensation" that will affect ur shooting on long distances with single fire. 

It will increase vertical recoil a little and make shooting a little more challenging.

Different sway patterns for different weapons can be used as balancing feature, where for some weapons it will be mainly vertical/horizontal loops. Or for different barrel lengths there can be different sway loops.

 Sway may be affected by forehand grips, increasing their meaning even more.


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I absolutely second that! I made quite some complaints about the sway mechanics but never took the time for such a detailed analysis. You very much nail the problem. If I switch to single fire I do so for accurate follow-up shots (among other reasons). Hardly possible with the sway (it can work, or it does not - that's entirely random). Holding a tight angle with a DMR? Hardly possible. Sway might throw  you randomly of target and it is nigh impossible to avoid that. And so on.

I like your idea, but I would go even a little bit further: A shot will always reset the sway pattern so that the resting position of your aim after a shot (without any recoil compensation) is NOT affected by sway at all. Due to spread and recoil there will still be some random deviation in the resting position, so single fire becomes no laser beam.

Only after a fraction of a second after the last shot the sway pattern would start again.

I think this would not only improve gameplay but also be a bit more intuitive. I've never shot a gun but I shoot fotos quite often and without a tripod you face the very same problem. Only after I try to hold my camera still for a moment I start to sway. And guns have a much higher weight so you should sway less.

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50 минут назад, HeiligeRobbe сказал:

did you notice If the away affects flicks as well?

No, didn't see such a thing. Or it's that little so I can't recognize the difference.

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