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[Weapon] Weapons that could enhance WW3 - Sniper Rifles | GM6 Lynx


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Hey Folks

Took a little break from posting suggestion posts to take care of some important real life matters. But, we're back to Sniper Rifles today with the Hungarian big cat, the GM6 Lynx. A Bullpup, Anti-Material Rifle, that is arguably going to be a challenging AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) to balance because of it's real life characteristics to be translated over to a video game design - especially one where AMRs are looking to possibly be designed around the concept of exclusively only being able to ADS from the prone position.

This post was a special request made by @tynblpb and I still have two other special requests posts to be made later. The only reason I haven't gotten to those yet is a combination of real life stuff in general getting in the way and because of something a little more special I want to do with both of them. So, for now, I'm going to honor one of the three special request posts and try to wrap up this round of "Weapons that can enhance WW3" to get started on my new suggestion posts series.

If you would like to read other suggestion posts I have made, click the link down below where I keep links to pretty much ALL of my suggestion posts I have made for WW3. Otherwise, lets get started on the GM6 Lynx!


Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive"


Contents of this post

  • Section 1 - The GM6 Lynx - Real life information behind the Weapon
  • Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the GM6 Lynx - What the strengths & weaknesses of the Weapon should be.
  • Section 3 - Customization Options - What customization options should be open to the Weapon.


Section 1 - The GM6 Lynx


  • Country of Origin: Hungary 🇭🇺
  • Manufacturer: Sero
  • Predecessor: None
  • Weapon type: Semi-Automatic, Bullpup, Anti-Material Rifle.
  • Weapon Caliber (Primary): .50 BMG
  • Weapon Calibers (Alternatives): 12.7x108mm
  • Weight: 23.14 LB or 10.49 KG (Empty) - 28.66 LB or 12.99 KG(Full)
  • Capacity: 5
  • Operators: Hungary 🇭🇺 (Confirmed) - (Unconfirmed) Canada 🇨🇦, India 🇮🇳, Turkey 🇹🇷, Mali 🇲🇱, & Romania 🇷🇴.

Web Sources

Video Sources

Summary: The Hungarian GM6 Lynx is the latest, maybe even the last, in the Gepárd Family of anti-materiel rifles. The design concept was to create a weapon that was lighter weight than most Rifles of it's class, a bullpup design for both easy storage & portability along with it's retractable barrel that can be redeployed with the push of a button, and have the ability for easy caliber changing with a few parts being swapped out. It's meant to help it's operator disable targets ranging from lightly armored Vehicles, armored troops, light shelters, small buildings, and even Helicopters at 600 to 800 meters. The weapon was also designed so the user would experience a lower degree of recoil, allowing for quicker follow up shots with less time needed to adjust for them. Ultimately the weapon is still a .50 caliber AMR, so recoil will still be noticed even if the design of the Lynx has decreased it with a combination of being a bullpup with a reciprocating barrel. Currently it is hard to say what the future of the GM6 Lynx is. The only major drawback of the weapon is a matter of accurate fire and maintaining that accurate fire down range which is a common occurrence with Semi-Automatic weapons. While it is possible for Semi-Automatic Rifles like these to be as accurate as any Bolt-Action rifle, it typically takes some internal work to keep them at a consistent accuracy. But, even with this drawback, the GM6 Lynx still stands as a very capable of weapon when placed in the right hands of someone who knows how to handle this big cat.

So, what would the strengths, weaknesses, and stats be of the GM6 Lynx if it was to be added to the game?


Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the GM6 Lynx

In this section I'm going to cover what I think the Strengths of the GM6 Lynx  should be, what Weaknesses it should have, and finally what I think it's basic stats should be upon entering the PTE servers for testing. In regards to the stats, I will be proposing them from a stock weapon perspective (IE: no attachments/modifications.) This is being done both to keep the post relatively on the small side & not give me a headache in the process of making it. Before we get started though I want to make a special note regarding Anti-Material Rifles...

Future Anti-Material Rifle changes - The only AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) WW3 has ever had was the TOR and it was disabled long ago to be re-balanced. The only info we have had was that the TOR and future AMRs could only be ADSed when laying in the prone position and that is rather old information that could have very well changed by now. So, we ultimately have no idea what the final version of AMRs will take and really I'm just winging it from here on out while using what is arguably outdated information. So, lets get started...

GM6 Lynx Strengths

  1. Anti-Material Rifle - The GM6 Lynx is a purpose built AMR and thus should receive the benefits & drawbacks of being a AMR. However, one drawback as an AMR the GM6 Lynx should not have comes in the form of #2...
  2. ADS while Standing/Walking - While most AMRs are exceptionally hard to fire from a standing position, the GM6 Lynx seems to have an easier time being fired from the shoulder while standing. So, to mimic it's real life characteristics, the GM6 Lynx (if added to the game) should be one of - if not the only AMR, that can be used like any other PSR generally speaking. HOWEVER, this should come with some unique drawbacks that only the GM6 Lynx (or other AMRs that may get the same general treatment) experiences that others do not, which I will cover in the weaknesses section when we get there.
  3. Anti-Infantry - Because the GM6 Lynx is an AMR (which are capable of disabling light armored Vehicles), the GM6 Lynx should naturally be devastating against Infantry regardless of what body armor they have on. After all, the weapon fires a .50BMG....
  4. Anti-Light Vehicle - Naturally because of the weapon being a Anti-Material Rifle, it should be able to deal higher than normal damage to light armored Vehicles like UGVs, the Heli Drone, and IFVs.
  5. Cover Buster - Once more playing onto the fact that the GM6 Lynx is a AMR and fires a .50BMG caliber round (or larger if they use the 12.7x108mm round instead), the weapon should be able to penetrate, if not outright destroy some of the cover that is in the game (Depending of course since there isn't Battlefield levels of destruction in WW3) that smaller calibers cannot penetrate/destroy. Example - If a LMG can steadily destroy a large slab of concrete and eventually be able to attack the player on the opposite side of it. The AMR should be able to easily penetrate said slab of concrete and either severely injure, if not outright kill the enemy player behind it.
  6. Low Vertical Recoil - The real life counterpart of the GM6 Lynx has very little in the way of vertical recoil even for being a AMR. Should there still be some? Of course! It isn't shooting 2mm rounds, it's firing .50BMG rounds of ammunition, so there is still going to be some vertical recoil. Should it be really noticeable though? No, not really. Follow up shots should not be a problem for this weapon.

Now we move on to weaknesses to help balance out this Rifle and maybe make some People less "ZOMG OP!" with it.

GM6 Lynx Weaknesses

  1. Heavy Sniper Rifle - A loaded GM6 Lynx weighs in at nearly 30 pounds, making it a rather heavy precision sniper rifle (which makes sense given the caliber of ammunition it's firing.) So, naturally the GM6 Lynx should also be a heavy PSR (Though maybe one of the lightest if not -THE- lightest of the AMRs...?) So of course the GM6 Lynx should be a weapon that cannot be used with heavy body armor and probably should only be used with certain lightweight pistols.
  2. Small Ammunition Pool - The GM6 Lynx should be limited to either 2-3 magazines with Special Ammunition taking up one whole Magazine. Which means GM6 Lynx users at (generally speaking) any time should have a total of 10-15 rounds of Ammunition to use at max. I know some may not like this, but keep in mind AMRs that do use Magazines typically have very large magazines compared to a standard Assault Rifle.
  3. Deployment/Redeployment Animation & Sound  - Much like the RPG, GM6 Lynx should go through an animation when switching between the Lynx & Sidearm. This could also double as an excuse to have the GM6's "deployment sound" being heard by everyone close to the user. Meaning for the enemy team, they get an audio warning (when close enough to hear it of course) that someone is switching to or from the Lynx.
  4. (Unique) Higher than average sight sway across ALL SIGHTS when Standing & Crouching  - Playing on the fact that the GM6 Lynx is a heavy weapon all things considered, this AMR should have higher than average sight sway across all possible sights. I know some People would not like this. But, playing a bit into realism again, the weapon weighs nearly 30 pounds. In WW3 there is sight sway for weapons that would (without question) weigh far less than the Lynx. So, in my personal opinion for both realism & balance, the GM6 Lynx should have noticeably more sight sway when the user is either Standing or Crouching.
  5.  Poor long range accuracy  - Compared to bolt action weapons currently in the game, the GM6 Lynx should have a harder time landing those really long range kills. The justification being that it's a semi-automatic (which are typically less accurate than Bolt-Actions right out of the box without work being done on them), the Lynx apparently already has a bit of a accuracy problem (not sure of the cause, it's just something I read which could be a lie also), it could also be given a slower muzzle velocity (more for balance reasons than realistic reasons.) Combine this with the higher than average sight sway and the GM6 Lynx will have a harder time at those longer ranges. Making it more ideal to play the Close - Medium range game with the weapon.
  6. (Unique) Slower ADS Speed  - Playing once more on the Weapon's weight, the GM6 Lynx should have a slower ADS speed compared to other weapons of it's class (excluding other AMRs.) I know some People won't like this. But, it is mostly for balance reasons and really (once again) this weapon factually weighs in at nearly 30 pounds...this isn't something you just snap up and start quick scoping People.
  7. Hip-fire Accuracy of a AK -Suggestion made by @tynblpb
    On 3/8/2021 at 10:09 AM, tynblpb said:

    Well, I could add 1 thing: hip -fire accuracy closer to that of a AK at best and not BR-like, where u can go for headshots on 20m+ distances. Or the low ADS speed will be useless.

With both Strengths & Weaknesses out of the way, I think the PTE stats for the GM6 Lynx should look something like this-


GM6 Lynx basic PTE stats proposal

  • GM6 Lynx Effective ranges: 110m (135 damage.) Damage decreases at 109m - 171m (100 damage.) Damage decreases at 172m+ (85 damage.)
  • GM6 Lynx Weight: 28.66
  • GM6 Lynx Recoil: 2.5
  • GM6 Lynx Spread: 0.25
  • GM6 Lynx Reload time: 4,5 Seconds
  • GM6 Lynx Rate of Fire: 125
  • GM6 Lynx Caliber: .50 BMG
  • GM6 Lynx Muzzle Velocity: 400 m/s
  • GM6 Lynx Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 1 / PTLN: 1 / Cer: 1 / STL: 1


Section 3 - Customization Options

This part will be pretty quick because I won't be covering stats, just what modifications & cosmetics the GM6 Lynx should have access to..


  • Primary Sights
    • All Primary Sights optional
  • Secondary Sights
    • All Secondary Sights optional
  • Barrels
    • Standard PSR Barrel
  • Muzzles
    • All Muzzles optional
  • Side
    • All Side Mounts optional
  • Magazines
    • 5 Rounds
  • Ammunition
    • FMJ
    • HP
    • AP


The GM6 Lynx is for the most part a pretty specialized weapon, so there really isn't any special customization out on the market that I have found. That said though, if the Developers want to get a bit creative, I certainly wouldn't mind.


And with all of that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone really likes the idea of seeing the GM6 Lynx added to the game, even if maybe not exactly how I pitched it. I know some People may not like this idea, some may even remember the days of the TOR when it was tearing People up. But, I honestly did try to find some ways to balance out the weapon as a one hit kill weapon at almost every range, An AMR that players could actually be mobile with instead of always being forced to be prone on the ground just to aim down sights. Because that whole "Prone only ADS" really doesn't fit the real life characteristics of the Lynx and while I know the Devs are not going for 1:1 accuracy with the game...I really don't like the idea of weapons acting exceptionally uncharacteristically, especially when it makes no logical sense. But, that is ultimately not for me to decided in the end. Till the next suggestion post however, where I will be covering a Machine Gun next...

Have a good one folks!

PS: I will do a typo/clean up fixes later. Burning the late night oils on this one...

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Well, I could add 1 thing: hip -fire accuracy closer to that of a AK at best and not BR-like, where u can go for headshots on 20m+ distances. Or the low ADS speed will be useless.

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1 hour ago, tynblpb said:

Well, I could add 1 thing: hip -fire accuracy closer to that of a AK at best and not BR-like, where u can go for headshots on 20m+ distances. Or the low ADS speed will be useless.

Suggestion added to the post. 🙂🤘

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