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[Gadget] [Feature] Tweaking Claymore APM.


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In WW3 there is Anti-Personnel Mine "Claymore".

Its designation is to create dangerous for enemy infantry zones forcing them to move with great caution and thus slowing the gameplay and make it more tactical. This is how dumb me sees that.

Problem is that in fact, current Claymore mine is having direct opposite effect on movement/loadout meta. The only kits that prosper are the lightweight kits with max movement speed. Why? Because with current 7 m/s movement speed lightweight soldier pass claymores unscathed. While, for example, heavyweight soldiers are forced to somehow deal with claymores, trying to defuse them or force them to explode. For lightweight it looks like this.



So, my demand is to tweak APMs trigger mechanism so that it would be "inductive". The higher speed of the target is - the faster will it trigger the APM. And it will ROUGHLY look like this.




If u r mindlessly running with lightweight kit - u will be punished with insta-death. If u r running with heavyweight kit and u have good reaction - u can lie down when hearing beeping sound and survive. Just like u can do it now.

With implementation of this demand Claymores would finally be able to perform their role. I'll repeat, as of now they are promoting lightweight meta of WW3.

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I think it's even better if you lying down should be not detectable at all because the experience soldier will avoid the wires slowly ( if he is not blind ) :) .

Crouching one will have most time to react , heavy less , medium less and light no any reaction in the range .

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